howie’s hot five for…3 July 2009

Howie’s Hot Five for….for 3 July 2009

5…The Axe 1oo Girls Hair Crisis... (2009 Webby Award Winner – the Oscars of Web design)

The site allows guys to upload a photo and have their hair critiqued by 100 models who wander around a room…stay with me – it’s fun, clever and very very smart. Each guy receives a personal hair approval rating…. with lines like ‘Each girl just barfed in her mouth a little bit…or  ‘Hello000 Mr Simpson’

and if you’re luck/unlucky enough you’ll feature on the site for all the world to see. When it kicked off it featured critiques in real time.


Howie’s Hot Five say…Check it out here… Axel 100 Girls  Hair Crisis

and hereeeeee”s Howie’s:

(FYI – We sent through a pic of Elvis and the nice lady said …’we don’t do celebrities’)


4… First to break 1 million downloads in one week?…was by Michael Jackson’s corpose


2.6 million solo downloads  to be exact ..with US retailers selling just 415,000 CDs…

Before Mp3’s he used to move that amount in 3 days

Click through here for:  Last pic of Michael Jackson ….the one you haven’t seen!

click here for… MJ’s Leaked Autopsy


3… Vampire Lust – It’s all go…Sookie Stackhouse, Twilight…



But for our hip money the  next cult sensation will be:

Let the Right One In (Official website)

let right one in

As for this year being the year of the ‘tweeny vampire’’s blood curdling what’s on the way…

New True Blood series… check it out here… True Blood Sneak Preview Series Two Fact: True Blood is the most watched HBO series in history after The Sopranos.

Check out the Vampire Lust roundup in the New York Times …right here… A Trend with Teeth

Next up for tweeny vampires is The Vampire Diaries (yawn)

But to really get arthouse …yep we are boring all on Let the Right One In moody, Swedish vampire flick that just sucks the rest of the bunch off the planet…

2… Super Sensible Hint of the week …Amplify your Speakerphone with a Cereal Bowl


whaaat?click here…..       Take one Cereal Bowl and your Cell Phone …mix well etc.

1…The Taser Shotgun You heard it here first – even before the New Zealand Police

A Taser here to see Robocop and hear the classy robocop script…l Taser Shotgun – wow wee

We quote: “the most sophisticated projectile ever launched from a 12 gauge shotgun”

(bummer no, chk chk boom)


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