howie’s hot five for…10 July 2009

5… Guerilla Knitters…please come to New Zealand and crochet the Aotea Centre into oblivion…


Chief guerilla knitter to the world is Magda Sayeg, a 35 year old Texan and founder of knittaplease

She’s just been in Sydney and we quote the Sydney Morning Herald.

“A not-so-bad-assed posse of underground knitters who have made a name “yarn bombing” public spaces, graffiti style, wrapping their targets in brightly knitted “tags”.

Madga’s yarn shop was once opposite a boring glass and steel building. She thought it would look great wrapped up in a colourful bit of knitting… and guerrilla knitting was born!

She’s now global and her fellow knitting terrorists have brightened up the major cities of the world with this week being Sydney’s turn.

Click here for Knittaplease the website…


4...Indarra DTX. If you were in Buenos Aires, and like Bono you were tense about the planet (just don’t ask him about the ozone their global domination tour is burning a whole through) then you could today walk into several shops in downtown Buenos Aires  and buy an Indarra DTX jacket.

Click here to see what we’re talking about: Solar Powererd Jacket Indarra 1 Indarra 2

The Details:
Sown in the middle of the back would be a small soler panel…On inside pocket is slim powerbox with charge stabilizer…and output options for cellphone and ipod etc.

Price: $1.490,00Pesos – NZ$600


3…A Quick run...Sky’s Rialto Channel – Channel 25 is FREE this weekend (11 and 12th July)

If you’re outside NZ, don’t have a receiver, never mind read and scintillating article about a family featured in this weekend’s movie lineup…

Click here for…  Surfing Safari Gone NUTS!

This article (from the venerable Telegraph Newspaper) is well worth a read… Quote… “When I was two years old,” Josh says, “my father gave away my only teddy bear to some Guatemalan chilli-eater in the f***in’ Yucatán.”



2... Poets and Novelists take over the Israeli Daily said to be the country’s New York Times for a day…

So the owner sent 31 reporters home… and let in the creative writing types. (Save for the sports section…in our opinion that’s exactly the section that needed it…’all credit to the other side ad infinitum)

Writers used the first person and showed up in every photo with the person they were interviewing…from the Defence Minister to politicians etc

Here’s the Stock Market Summary

“Everything’s okay. Everything’s like usual. Yesterday trading ended. Everything’s okay. The economists went to their homes, the laundry is drying on the lines, dinners are waiting in place… Dow Jones traded steadily and closed with 8,761 points, Nasdaq added 0.9% to a level of 1,860 points…

And the weather delivered first with a  “Summer Sonnet.”

Summer is the pencil/that is least sharp/in the seasons’ pencil case.

It gets better, the front page was a report from by a novelist who spent a night in a children’s drug rehabilitation centre. His story went…

“I lay in bed and thought wondrously how, amid the alienation and indifference of the harsh Israeli reality, such islands — stubborn little bubbles of care, tenderness and humanity — still exist.”

We say Epic!


1: Finally, the question we’ ve always wanted to ask

Daddy, why do seal pups get clubbed…rather than shot?seal pup 1

Why is this is on our mind? Coz this week in Namibia, hunters will club 85000 seal cubs.

Oh, the answer…Clubbing preserves the seal pup pelt – duh!

Now the experts are Canada where it’s legalto be:
– Shoot
Break their heads broken with a bat
Or bash their brains with a hakapik – a 4 foot long wooden pole with bent metal spike on the end.

And just to finish up…by law, you have to keep clubbing the seal in the forehead until you know for sure that it’s dead.

Oh yeah and pups are better tasting (less salty) than their mummies and daddies…(Feeling superior? …Why do little fluffy lambies get slaughtered?)  lamb

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