Howie’s Hot Five for 17 July 2009

5.  A year and a half ago we were talking Mirdles on Kiwi Fm…girdles for men…

They’re not only back they are at Sachs Fifth Avenue but this year they are called…

Men’s Shapeware…T-shirts, singlets and briefs designed to help men hold in their gut.

Read the low -down in the New York Times Fashion and Style Section men's girdle

What’s new and cool?  This time around they look more like a cyclists jersey… and less like something Burt Reynolds would wear  – all polyester, spandex and nylon… and proof in the ‘pudding’ is that 30% stock sold out in one month …

4. free plug for great service the hot five used this week…

I called Sony to replace my Vaio Battery $360!!!

(I love my Sony Vaio but man the battery life sux on those things….it’ll be trouble when NZ joins modern world and wifi-free cafes abound like in rest of the world)…however I digress

Contacted several others…$260

Called laptop -$121 for $190 for more powerful…shipped it to my door…they called me to check shipping address…

Thy Operate in NZ and Aust…check out their site for all kinds of PC, Mobile stuff…compare and contrast etc.

3.  Twitter is for old people, work experience whiz-kid tells bankers


In the week when the National Business Review came out swinging ‘We gonna charge you to read some of our news!” riiiiiiiight…A little piece of news gave us a glimpse of future financial analysis – and it ain’t men in grey suits…

Digital Natives are kids who live and breathe new media while millionaires like the NBR-owner wish it would disappear…

“This week a 15 year old kid set the financial world abuzz”

The little tike wrote an opinion report while on work experience at Morgan and Stanley …HOW TEENAGERS CONSUME MEDIA…

PC is a radio, the games console is a telephone, the mobile telephone is a stereo and text-message machine, the DVDs are pirate copies and no one uses Twitter.

He told The Times that at home he usually communicates with his male friends while blowing up terrorists on the action game Call of Duty. “You use a mobile phone if you want to talk to girls,” he said, as “only about one in fifty girls plays computer games.

His supervisors thought the report “one of the clearest and most thought-provoking insights we have seen” and published it. Matthew, meanwhile, finished his internship and went on scout camp.

2: We’ve been reading up on  how to eat to guard against Swine Flu…. listen up… or just click here and forget our once over with brilliance…


swine-flu-460_1391666c2 In short it’s about…

Bright orange and dark green fruits…carrots and pumpkins, apricots, mangoes, spinach and cabbage, meanwhile, will keep levels of vitamin A – a nutrient that’s needed to keep strong respiratory membranes topped up.

Vitamin c from oranges or canned juices each day …don’t’ store it…

Iron: 40% of females are deficient in iron…so hook into a steak ladies.

Here’s our favourite…the super nutrient “allicin”, formed when raw garlic is crushed or chewed, appears to help to block the ability of viruses to invade and damage tissues. If you can bear it, chewing a raw clove a day may help your immunity.

and piggywe love this pic!

1. All the talk about Super Cities, loss of community yadda yadda yadda... why can’t Auckland just smile once ina while e.g. In 2008 Howie’s Hot Five said why not drop fortune cookies from a chopper all over the city…did anyone listen …?

Let”s move on… Click here for this cool idea: Al Fresco Pianos Yah!

streetpianos_luke_jerramIn London this week they have pianos all over the city with signs on them play me…I’m yours…

30 pianos to be exact and all part of an interactive art project designed to get people talking to one another – and listen up Aotea Centre…to use PUBLIC SPACE…

Brmingham, England; São Paolo, Brazil; and Sydney, Australia – have all done it.  Why not Aukland….sorry we’re got the grey suits signing off on The Sound of Music?

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