Howie’s Hot Five for…31 July 2009

5: – a free rental car relocation service…

Great website…a new zealand map denoting the number of cars in each main centre that are up for free delivery.

e.g. when I looked today 18 in Christchurch…


4. Youtube not a threat but the radio of today

Big, big example is the JK Wedding Dance…

This little was posted because the father in-law nagged. It’s now generated 12 million views.

BUT most importantly it’s saved an artist’s career that was sooo down the loo…. and put $ into his sweaty ‘fist’

Chris Brown’s song ‘Forever’ is the vid soundtrack – with quick thinking as it now features Click-to-Buy links for Amazon and I-tunes…and $ also from sidebar google text ads.

Result?  buyers are clicking through to Amazon and i-tunes at twice the normal rate…

BUT, one thought. Only ones NOT making money are the new marrieds…but hey, they are thankful  they aren’t getting crushed by the majors for  sharing without permission!

3. Tip of the Week: Use the Stranger Test to Reduce Impulse Purchases

An impulse buy is ‘I want it…can I afford it?… freak out!’

There is another way.

Say you’re saying I want to buy a coffee for $4 or a TV for $800.

Then simply imagine a stranger walking up to you and holding out the cash….take the cash or the coffee. your choice. …$800 cash now  or the TV which do you choose?  which makes sense. cool eh?

2: Making it into Hot Five last year, … the 4 day work week. The results are now in;

Utah State was the first major employee to do it – a year in the report is in…

$1.8 million saved. Real savings on air conditioning.

82% of employees are begging to stick with it.

City commuters love it…and they 40 hour week in four days means staggered traffic

THIS BIT SOLD ME – people who work 9-5 get better service because public facing employees now work 40 hours in 4 days to later openings.

Carbon dioxide reduction equal to 2300 cars taken off the road a year

Big surprise – fewer sick days

1: Let’s go to Wellington for No. 1

Must see – and you have one night left.

Entertaining Mr Sloane  – all about immortality and sexual deviation… read here…The Listener Review

My mate Stephen Papps is in it…one of the hardest working actors in New Zealand – believes in his craft. Go see it at Circa – last night tomorrow…

“Hit with the audience, with everyone laughing uproariously from start to finish”…Dom Post…with the reviewer upset that the audience, unlike him were enjoying it…maybe he’s a competing thespian, who knows.

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