Howie’s Hot Five for…15 August 2009

5. Righto…for three years we have been sitting on the hottest of hottest hot five item… here we go…

The Breadman

We have been and are addicted to this bread! There, we’ve said it!

Take a German, add New Zealand…mix it all with his bread making gizmo’s from Germany and you have best, healthiest bread in za country (sorry for weak accent stuff)… In Kerikeri New World, College Hill New World and various organic outfits that knit their own yogurt and eat their own jersey’s throughout the country… we promise you…it’s the best.

4. You heard it here first BEETROOT JUICE

and for once we are not talking crystal rubbing, we are so alternate we refuse to be tested (start investigating chiropractors…law suits baby ….

No, we are talking a double-blind, placebo controlled crossover study…that means the scientists didn’t event know who was taking beetroot juice, other juices or a placebo.

But hey don’t listen to us….check out the BBC here at beetroot juice is king

3. Obama sips it.
Paris Hilton loves it.
Mary J. Blige won’t sing without it.
So how did a plastic water bottle, imported from a military dictatorship thousands of miles away,
become the epitome of cool?

FIJI WATER – and we say the best little bit of investigative journalism in a long time…

fiji water

Fiji Water is now Americas biggest imported water, beating even Evian and they gave away thousands of bottles at the last Democratic Convention…there’s pics of Obama sipping it.

Point of this piece is that Fiji the bottled water brand has eclipsed any mention of the little poor island nation in the grips of a dicatatorship… all soft and green branding… Now would American’s happily sip Burma Water…hmmmm

read all about it! here

2. Quick Hip Hit for the week… –  nifty site with music from around the world sorted into the city it comes from ….electronic leaning vibes…

and for the slightly techo-heads what’s cool is the soundcloud app they use


1. restaurant porn…WE. ARE. OVER. IT.

Let the menus speak for themselves….

roasted to perfection, toasted to perfection, grilled to perfection

seasoned with something is now infused

homemade… ‘it’s like if I wanted homemade I’d be at home…why’d you make it in a restaurant?

Decadent to describe desert or chocolate…or

Death by chocolate

Mouthwatering – I ain’t smacking my chops.

Melt in your mouth…especially when it comes to steaks…

Farm fresh

Garden fresh

Golden brown

Catch of the day …right….

World famous…!!!!

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