Howie’s Hot Five for…21 August 2009

5. University of Auckland Songwriter of the Year…  Keep September 29th FREE – it’s the final of the Songwriter of the Year from Auck Uni….we saw some of them this week…you have to as well…Maidment Theatre…

as well LA Mitchell who frankly has it all…(great keyboard player, catchy tunes, lots of natural pluck and has been given the nod by Sir D. Dobbyn- she’s actually been playing on the wing for his team…)

has just been appointed as inaugural songwriter in residence at Auckland Uni...and is mentoring these kids…and she played and the hot five was happily really thrilled with the whole lovely evening at Auck Uni and especially impressed by this clever wee thing….janine foster

check out her wee ditty here…clever what a tiny Korg synth on an ironing board can do…

Janine Foster (doesn’t do her justice but you get the drift…quirky, clever…we need that stuff!)

Check out LA here at Kiwi FM a couple of months ago…brill…we say brill!

and just buy her live at Matterhorn…go on!

4. For what you are about to see…please forgive me…oh and don’t get any smart ideas as it’s ‘patent pending’ on these babies…

3. And just when you thought we’d lifted our game…sorry – but The New York Times told us to do it…

drop crotch diaper pants ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh back

But in our books this is how it works.

Crotch pants 1 this                     Equals        this       crotch pants3

and to add more worry where this decade is heading…MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice are back doing concerts together…

2. This from Forbes Business Magazine…

The US workplace is where most people find romance…and with Frog Recruitment as our sponsor…it’s time to spill the HR love beans…


Click here to get the good juice in pictures
1. It cannot be ignored…just ask those things that wrap news in advertising…or used to…we are talking about newspapers…and TradeMe – who this week announced they are selling wine…a wineshop guy said to us… ‘we are stuffed’…

Wineshop owners…read this and weep

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