Howie’s Hot Five for…7 August 2009

5. Brazil is peeing…

Gandhi, Michael Jordan and Alfred Hitchcock…they’ll all doing it…

Avoid one flush a day and each single household, 4,380 liters (1,157 gallons) of water is saved per year….

4.  You’re in New York…all you want to do is catch a cab -then suddenly Bam!…you’re in a game show…!!!

We love this Discovery Channel Show – great for tweenies…and proves Americans are up for fun…

check it out…

3. Who’s hip this week…this guy…

david lee roth and here’s why…a rock and roll myth has been dispelled. Early 1980’s Van Halen were considered major plonkers for having the folllowing rider in their touring contracts…. No Brown M&M’s allowed! anywhere at their concert venues.
What a bunch of;…we thought in Palmy North in 1982…But wait there’s more…

This was just a clever way to check that the promoter had read the whole contract and covered off all safety measures, girder supports specs…so Article 148 would be the M&M stipulation… and if the band walked in and saw Brown m&m’s they’d freak at risk of all the contract not being read properly.  David Lee was the man who thought it up…right on…

Click here and get hooked on this myth and legends site…

Snopes-Van Halen Legend Bust

2. Stealth Starbucks: Ok, these geezer have 16000 stores globally.

But in a bid to avoid that old ‘croc footwear backlash’…Starbucks are now opening stores without visible starbucks branding…called things like -’15th Avenue Coffee and Tea’

Chicago and Seattle coffee freaks are fuming and saying it’s like unmarked police cars …we say whatever happened to good old – if you wanna buy a cup of coffee just buy it and if ya hate starbucks don’t go there etc.

check out NY Times opinion…here Stealthy Starbucks

1. Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda –  now stop it! We are not talking heroin, needle and the damage done shite…we are talking Kava… and we say this marks more of the beginning of the slow-down movement…as opposed to the Red Bull energy junkies of the 90’s…how much bad music can a decade produce…what?…the 80’s…god you are right!

With Kava extract…for a “euphoric relaxation” and mental clarity… and to mirror the effects of alcohol without the hangover. Only available in US but spreading fast.

Check out kava junkies’ junk here

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