Howie’s Hot Five for…18 September 2009

5:  Danish Mother Seeking

Ok, we loved this viral promotion for Denmark… with the youtube clip featuring a cute danish woman holding baby and saying we are looking for the father … and of course it’s been a complete disaster…even the Director of Tourism Denmark knew nothing about its existence…

Basic messages was come to Denmark to meet beautiful strangers to have unprotected sex with.

But the one we TRULY LOVED was the parody…

4:   Cellphone and ablutions etiquette

We  called someone yesterday…bit of an echoey room…and then a flush! We think this is more concerning than a sneaky text in the privacy of your own car…

No official statistics for NZ …but in Australia 48% say hello caller while on the loo.

And 66% in China do… cell phone

3: Staying in the bathroom…

Hint of the Week: Keep your shavers sharp for longer by drying them off after each shave…it doubles the life! Crazy, but with Gillette blades hitting $15 for packet of 10 worth a go.

2:  Dirty Dancing facts… as in R.I.P Patrick Swayze

The film is based closely on the female scriptwriter who wrote it…she was even called ‘Baby’ as a girl.

The script was rejected over 11 times

The film only cost $5 million to make (Average cost for movie in 1980’s was $12 million)

After shooting everyone thought it was going to be a huge flop – so they took steps to release it for a weekend then get it  video straight away… in 10 days made $10 million and then  $170 million in one year…then first video to do 1 million in sales and now still sells a million DVD copies a year.

Jennifer Grey had such a major nose job – it changed her whole appearance – and she never really found any work again. She was a scene stealer as the elder sister in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off…but that’s another whole story…


Here’s what the actress herself said…
“I went in the operating room a celebrity – and came out anonymous. It was like being in a witness protection program or being invisible.”

In the industry it’s known as the ‘the star wars for girls.’

1: We believe we can start a new expression right here right now...When someone interrupts you just say, You Kanye Westing me??? Are you…You Kanye Westing me…are you, are you, are you…??? Why I oughta (sorry bit of John Wayne crept in there)


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