Howie’s Hot Five…for 25 September, 2009

5:  Up – 3D = Magnific0!


What do you do with a couple of 50 year old siblings you need to entertain…do what  we did and drop them off at Up-3D

This latest from Pixar is simply awe inspiring  – and is the best example in a decade of masterful creative entrepreneurship

And the 3d – what a tremendous experience. Not all about that feeling of being poked in the eye with  gimmickry …but rather about bringing textures to life. E.g. the close up of the old man’s ties is such you can almost reach out and feel the texture of the material.  They say this year will be the year we talk about pre 3-D UP and Avatar (Director of Titanic’s new flick) and Post Avatar and UP—3D.UP2

4: A Hot ‘low’ five = The Michael Jackson Movie – This is it!…should be re-named – Is that it?

We say ‘do NOT see it’…tell us if we’re wrong!

It’s only on for two weeks. The short shows Michael dancing from the chest up only – an underfed, 50 year old surviving on a cocktail of hospital-strength operating room drugs… yech.

It’ll be like viewing death warmed up- all to payoff some huge coporation loss making exercise… Teaser follows full of the quickest jump cuts…well you almost see something …

3: We attended the book launch:  “It’s all in the mind” by Roger Lampen…

It’s about a healthy early 60 year old who while cycling from Katmandu to Tibet had a stroke. Actually one night after the stroke he woke up in an ‘in-hospitable’ bed on fire after someone had flicked a cigarette on his bedclothes.

This is the first book in NZ, if not the world, of an account by a stroke victim who’s not a doctor and it’s about how to keep your mind focused on recovery.

3rd biggest killer in NZ is stroke…a downer but true…not in the hot five but the hot three of how to die!

Read the book, get your blood pressure checked and live each day like the Steinlager ad says…just don’t kayak to work in a nice suit…it won’t work!

$29 by Dunmore Publishing – by it here for yourself or a friend; Buy Now

2:  It’s time for another ‘Hot Five You-Heard-it-Here-First Announcement:

Feeling stressed? Mow the lawn…lawn1

The Daily Mail (Classy) has reported that a team of neuroscientists from University of Queensland has discovered that the chemicals released from cut grass have a soothing effect on the brain…

They believe it in so much they are now in midst of inventing bottle scent of ‘ cut grass’ . They’ve tested it in monkey’s and have seen the emotional areas of the brain quieten.

It goes into production in October!!!

Read the article here

1:       MANTYHOSE – is the word! Are you ready boys… pantyhose for men…


Apparently there’s been a dramatic rise in men buying tights and now Selfridges in London are selling pairs made specially for men.  The word they used is sales are ‘soaring’.

Why do men want to wear tights exactly? Well, you wear them under your suit to keep the legs warm and give the hips and thighs a nice smooth line.


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