Howie’s Hot Five for…2 October 2009

5:  We love to hear the Australian view of us…and let’s be honest they don’t’ think about us a lot…

So this wonderful heading from the Travel Section Sydney Morning Herald this week…

“Kiwi’s insane road rules dice with death”

Either click on the article above or here’s the good oil:

“There is one area where New Zealand’s “dare to be different” approach goes horribly wrong – on the roads.”

There is one dastardly rule peculiar to our wee isles…that causes:

2500 crashes per year…right_hand_rule_current_sto!

The good old left-turn give way rule…or the ‘should I just go for it real fast…or nah, be a good guy and flash me lights instead…rule

Originated in Melbourne to handle the trams…and we took it on! Why!

Whatever will our brave politicians come up with next …outlawing cold medicine…?

One of his Kiwi readers joked that Aussies miss the point.

“This is exactly what makes living in NZ exciting, mate!”

“Makes you feel alive after another narrow escape. Keeps the blood pumping!”

Victoria breathed a huge sigh of relief when it was scrapped in 1993.

4:  LOW FIVE …The Cult…new TV series…ugggh

“It’s a thriller. But I didn’t want to just take the American-style thriller template and put it in New Zealand. I didn’t feel it would work for New Zealand audiences. It’s a New Zealand take on the thriller.” (The producer of The Cult as quoted in the usual free PR bumph passed off as ‘entertainment news’  in Thursday’s Herald Time Out )cultg

We don’t get it…nup this show is scrubbed up to a sheen that’s a totally a foreign thing…Why can’t it be closer to New Zild sensibilities  – take a Bert Potter in stubbies with a family from Levin just arriving to join the cult…yeah!

However, we’ll persevere…

3: Book industry is not far behind music – layoffs, falling sales so are you ready for

The Vook – or book crossed with Video… we say – bring it on!

Here’s the official definition:

A vook is a new innovation in reading that blends a well-written book, high-quality video and the power of the Internet into a single, complete story. You can read your book, watch videos that enhance the story and connect with authors and your friends through social media all on one screen, without switching between platforms.

In other words the race is on for a kind of Kindle 2..0…im320_90sec

check out the Vook…here …or even check out a

MMBOOK – multi media book…enough!

2: Now we want to add to your worries –to your general feeling that there’s something out there that’ll finally put us only the slippery slope to the end.

We’ve got it….China peeing

The next flu annihilation is on it’s way…thanks to people in China popping Tamiflu like jellybeans… and then peeing it out. The rivers downstream from sewerage facilities are being contaminated by the stuff…and ducks like the warm water around sewerage joints….soooo

birds being natural influenza carriers exposed to waterborne residues of Tamiflu’s active form MIGHT develop and spread drug-resistant strains of seasonal and avian flu. Yippeeee


Expect thousands to die each year of the flu…you heard it here first.

1: Auckland Young Songwriters Awards –We experienced a very special evening…

Here were the rules: Final six songwriters did one song alone and two with a crack band… and they could use any instruments they liked…

Judged brilliantly by Don McGlashan we might add…

Winner was: Jocee Tuck – head and shoulders great songwriter – and her brilliant arrangement for her Shepherds’ Woes clinched the deal – it featured two xylophones. An assured songwriter and a special little night.

Our other favourite was Janine Foster – electro pop soul tunes on a tiny korg synth – shades of KT Tunstall with loops pedal sounds –clever, fresh and we would have to say a stage presence that was head and shoulders above everyone else…some of the blokes looked like they’d just wandered through from brushing their teeth on their way to bed.

Listen to Shepherd’s Woes here….Jocee Tuck Myspace Page

and for Janine Foster…listen to ‘Don’t Say a Word’‘ on Janine Foster’s Myspace Page

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