Howie’s Hot Five for…9 October 2009

5: Our occasional magazine review…Mindfood

Two words – bloody great… Mindfood

If you like Next crossed with a bit of Oprah-self-help but no mumbo jumbo and with a bit of Vanity Fair thrown in…give Mindfood a go…slick lifestyle, self-help reading.

Slightly skewed toward female but blokes can find a good read…

Only irritation is that like Vanity Fair it relies heavily on celeb covers – but all the same very pick-up-able for those who are time and attention span impoverished

7/10… keep up the good work—- and a great supporting website…very full and current…


4:  Good news… I looked after a little dog fresh out of the SPCA pound this week by the name of Patch…poor little bugger got clipped by a car then a few days later followed a sparrow into the swimming pool and almost drowned –  we saved his life!

Which brings us to the health benefits of pets…pets

Autism Service Dogs…NY Times featured wonderful, uplifting story on such a canine placed wtih 11 year old autistic kid to protect him…and the dog actually helped boy get of some of his prescriptions and helped him socialize better…with results seen in one week!

But here’s the kicker – scientists can’t say why the doggies are so good…

Some patients who have refused to speak will talk to the dogs and others who have refused to move often reach for the dogs so they can pet them.

In NZ Autism Society is trying to set up a 4 Paws New Zealand to train these dogs rather than import them…as these mutts cost $30,000 to train.

Go to Article here

3. Fact: Teeth grinding is up 25%  – one Dentist says his teeth grind case load is up by double…

Officially known as Bruxism… and it’s all about the economy meeting the central nervous system… stupid!

Some grinders do it 40 minutes of every hour of sleep.

2. Friends of mine have just had a baby – Sidney (After Sid Going – that chunky little halfback from Northland)

Anyway, what to take the bubba’s mama…Cup Cakes! Now we get what the fuss is about.

cup cakes

Icing on the Cake at 188 Jervois Road…returnee Kiwi who was private chef for both Steve Jobs then Larry Ellison…great service and wonderful presentation and packaging! (Affordable cupcakes, free range eggs as well as gluten free) Flavours are the likes of gingernut and cinnamon with crushed hazelnuts and stickydate and pineapple.

1.  Diplomat of the week….Harry Connick Junior; actor and  real fine piano player from New Orleans (Less watered-down Frank and more Nu’Orleans boogie would be better Harry, honest)

However, he  handled the black-faced Hey Hey it’s Saturday in Aussie flop with aplomb…

Watch him and the debacle unfold here…

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