Howie’s Hot Five for…27 November, 2009

5:  101 Uses for a Man….

Just to give you a feel…here’s several suggestions from the London Times article…

1 Whistling at you in the street on your 41st birthday (this should be a state-funded initiative).

2 Model railways, the running and maintenance of.

3 Pigeon fancying.

4 Particle physics.

5 Eating up the elderly tub of coleslaw in the back of the fridge after an evening at the pub.

7 Catching spiders.

8 Forgetting your anniversary, but then wildly overcompensating with a completely over-the-top gesture, preferably involving diamonds.

9 Making your limited capacity for grooving look positively Madonna-esque by dancing around you wildly, arms and legs jerking like a demented puppet.

10 Lending you (often without knowing it) a razor.

Full Article

But what we also loved were some irate responses from the readers….here’s one…:

Yet more discriminatory anti man rhetoric, more ‘men are stupid’. It really is time men started fighting back to this destructive stupidity, its is not funny any more. Every day we have to bear the suspicions of potential rapist or paedophile. Men are pigs, men are cruel, men are stupid. I , and many other have had enough. I have watched over the years women being put on the highest pedestal as if they are benevolent creatures that can do no harm, and of course that is utter nonsense as recent events clearly prove.

No other group in society has to put up with this. The demonization of all men, particularly white western men has to stop…. we would like to add…So there!

4:  Blackberry and Iphone fury…for those of you lucky enough to have someone who drops in, says hello, and then proceeds to attend to their ‘admin’ on their precious mobiles right in front of you – we understand.

We’ve even known some to sit in front of us and lovingly polish the screen of their momentarily silent tele-baby akin to the comforting thumb suck of a baby…

So this report on Mobile etiquette or lack of really tickled our fancy….‘Two rudes make a right’…

It’s opens with this line by a self-confessed manners-psycho…

“He just blatantly took over the whole place with his conversation, streaming his dull life into everybody’s brain,” she said….so read the article to see what she did to ‘nicely’ get even….Article here

3.  Youtube is now offering many High Definition Videos…this we believe will prove to be looked back as on big milestone…we are impressed,  mighty impressed…

We have two vids to check out here….one for nerds, one for pervs…a National Geographic simulation of a meteor hitting earth and Beyonce Knowles latest video…

2.   Best, heart rendering story of the week by a country mile!

Last week a woman graduated from a US university with a degree…big deal?

Well this woman was born in 1965 in a tiny village in Zimbabwe had one year of schooling, was married off at 11 to a man who beat her regularly –

One day 10 years ago a woman named Jo Luck from an aid organisation dropped into her village – ended up getting this woman to write down craziest goal she could think of……and here’s what happened;   Full Story Here (Triumph of a Dreamer)

1. Augmented Reality is next big thing…defined as mixing reality with computer generated imagery – so we get the best of both world’s – mixed reality.

And Esquire Magazine put it in the mainstream – with the December issue featuring augmented reality!

Download simple esquire software

Point cover at laptop camera  – and

Whammoooo….Robert Downey Jumps into life on your screen…and he does a characteristic rant.

Likewise, fashion pages jump into life….

A model walks around a loft apartment telling that months Esquire joke… and on it goes…

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