Howie’s Hot Five for…4 December, 2009

5.  The Lie of the Tiger… so it’s with pleasure we introduce the Slow Tiger Jam

4. To prove the world is a truly wondrous place just look at this pic!

He’s a real live Sapeur...or the Society of Tastemakers and Elegant People it’s a very special fashion movement with their own slang, morals and FASHION and it’s in Brazzaville, the Congo and they exist as slaves to fashion among the abject poor…

And if you’re really interested here’s a couple of links on the book that’s just been published this week on these utter, utter, utter dudes… It all started in 1922 when a dandy arrived back from Paris to the Congo…

The Gentlemen of Bakango

The Gentlemen of Bakongo2

3. Forget the Supernanny…as the raising of ‘little darlings’ just got a whole lot more sensible…

and it’s all because of this guy …

The Dog Whisperer….

Won’t bore you but here’s the key takeout from the New York Times article earlier on in the week…

Parenting expert says…to be the pack leader in your own house exercise, discipline and affection and this  equals happiness – for schnauzers as well as kids…calm , assertive energy…ahhhh.

“Pampering and never punishing will make a child crazy and unlikable, never self-competent.”

2. Wanna find a man for Christmas….it’s easy…as

After 3000 were surveyed here’s what was found – 1 in 10 claimed they found Mr. Right while wearing Chanel No. 5…

Apart from that other big find was that wearing perfume was directly responsible for six dates  – ‘said many women’ in the survey…

1. And 2010 is picked to be the year of  ‘the heavage’….or this…

Yep, according to those in the know get ready for Man Cleavage this says the Wall Street Journal (Article)

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