Howie’s hot five for… 25 June 2010


You know those movies when the romantic interest in the 1940’s french romance is riding a bike when she knocks over the American soldier… well you to can own one of those bikes…thanks to a Wellington outfit importing old upright, used bikes from Japan…

4.  More on bikes….

This groovy bike stand used to be car tyres… now a moulded, adult length bike rake that won’t scratch your $10,000 Raleigh 20…etc.


X Ray pinups…a German Ad agency has put together an x-ray pin-up calendar to advertise a manufacturer of high-precision x-ray equipment …nough said…just look!

and one more…

for more information…

2. The future is us and the robots…together, happy, contented etc…

Just click on this and you’ll get what we’re talking about…[click baby click]

1. Biggest release of the week is the Apple i-phone 4…but wait… if I hold it the wrong way my fingers will smother the reception and my call drops out… clever

Okay, put sensibly;

The iPhone 4 has a unique design feature—it uses the stainless steel frame and bezel to serve as radio antennas instead of hiding them inside the case. Steve Jobs made a big deal of the design during his WWDC keynote earlier this month, while iFixit described the design as “a work of genius.”

Despite the crafty design, it turns out that some users are experiencing a problem where holding the phone a certain way in the left hand can significantly reduce 3G signal strength…and Apple has swung into action by …

putting out a news release on ‘how to hold the phone correctly’ – brilliant damage control?

oh and finally

TAMARIKI ORA: THE SOUNDS OF HOPE – Maori Television – Sunday June 27 at 9.10 pm: Che Fu and Tigi Ness, Warren Maxwell, Maisey Rika, Hollie Smith, Young Sid and Mr Sicc, Dallas Tamaira, The Bellbirds and Wellington’s Kotuku Choir are among the artists who invite us into their homes for intimate acoustic performances dedicated to the children of New Zealand. This outstanding musical documentary is by award-winning music-video director Chris Graham.

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