Howie’s hot five for…2 July 2010

5. Grown men are walking out of theatres blubbering in broad daylight over…Toy Story 3…

Get this… apparently Toy Story 3 reminds viewers of ”the romance and pathos of the consumer economy, the sorrows and pleasures that dwell at the heart of our materialist way of life”. Phew that’s heady stuff…but even a macho New York Times film reviewer admitted to sobbing through the flick…

get the full story here… In-Blubbing Believable

4. Finland…the country…has just made broadband a ‘legal right!!! We love this …and please if there was  just one wifi cafe in ‘hip’ Ponsonby we’d keel over with love…

from July 1st every Finn will have the right to access to a 1Mbps (megabit per second) broadband connection. ..with the Government saying that the Internet is no longer just about entertainment…96% are already internet-ing in Finland anyway… This means that the telecom companies are obliged to always offer all citizens access to high speed Internet no matter where they live. Go Finland….and here we’ll soon be cutting off the Internet if someone adjudges you as having broken copyright  – with the good old ‘three strikes’ methodology.  Finland is also doing it because like NZ – many live in the country side and find it hard to get to cities…

3. Fizzer of the week…The i-phone 4 aerial debacle – or more importantly the FIX released by Apple

consisting of instructions on how to hold the phone!  That way your coverage won’t drop off completely…it’s your fault customer.  Hence the term of the week DEATH GRIP.

2.  These two people have promised to run naked through the streets if their country wins the World Cup…hmmm hard to decide…

or ……

Maradona is the Argentine coach and Larissa is an accountant…no sorry, a lingerie model from Paraguay.

We believe that the emphasis has to be on the term ‘cup’, ‘cupholder’ and cellphone coverage.

1. Our number one with a bullet this week is Leah Crawford – Leah who you say?….shame..

This is the little kiwi battler who invited Sugar Ray Leonard  to Ngaruawahia when she saw him and his minders at a gas station – her opening line after pushing past her minders was ‘I don’t do boxing, but I love and admire the work you do for youth – would you come and talk to our kids?”

This woman is an inspiration.

This week The Sugar spoke to 500 kids because in his words “as soon as she asked me I could just tell this woman was the real thing.”

Leah organises an after school programme for kids who have no where to go – and she then coordinates people and businesses from within the community to pitch in to teach them a range of skills – like helping kids learn how to fix and keep their push bikes working.

This woman is an inspiration!

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