Howie’s hot five for…9 July 2010

5. FRANKIE SAYS…’Why i outta…you little punk’

In the week of Lindsay Lohen writing ‘FU’ on her fingernail while facing 90 days jail for being a celeb dork (Frank would have definitely said ‘the little punk’) it’s timely indeed to read the letter Frank jotted to George Michael in 1990…

4. Fashism…

“But I was afraid the little blue blouse just didn’t go with my jeans, my husband was no help so I pulled out my iphone, snapped a photo of myself and sent it to…and then waited for the female-crowd source to speak.

As the New York Times goes on to say  “Fashism and Go Try It On are for everyday people including teenagers trying out new looks at the mall, and office workers confused by what to wear. So far, they seem to be among the only sites of their kind, and both were created by fashion neophytes, with no involvement from designer companies or brands.”

E.g The following photo was submitted with:

Is this good for a 3rd date? I’m all about little black dresses, but I’m wanting something for a 3rd date – is this too much or too little? The plan is to go a high-end restaurant and I never go to those, so I’m clueless!

And she got a 91% favourable rate with the likes of:

The pumps say “I know what happens on third dates” way too much. Bring it down a notch with some ballet flats or strappy but simple sandals in a metallic or bold color.

Perfection. This is the dress the woman who is about to appear on TV should wear. You can’t go wrong with this. etc etc etc…

3. Future proofing phone booths..

Ok so we all have mobiles, in fact in third world countries mobiles far, far outnumber the wired to the house models…so that leaves a lot of phone booths…Those clever little euros the Austrians are thinking far into the future when we’ll all need to charge not our phones up….but our cars!

Telekom Austria has begun converting them into battery recharging stations for electric cars, scooters and motorbikes.

2. Low-five of the week- Stop Press!
Prince, that little rock pixie, guitar hero has an important announcement to make…

“The Internet is Dead”

Yes, our man Prince claims the Internet is dead… and as this Fast Company article points out he uttered this gem the same week that the up-and-coming oddball of Rock ‘n Roll, Lady Gaga signed up her 10 millionth Facebook mate… Prince reckons that little bit of tin that turns round and round is the only way to go… (and here’s a snap of our Prince the last time he saw the future…his own line of perfume…

1. We should all be ‘Chuffed’ little Kiwis…

and just out-loud laugh at ourselves!

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