Howie’s hot five for…16 July 2010

5. Entourage… the best DVD rental this weekend…

(This clip is classic entourage…featuring Matt Damon and Bono… ‘doing it for the kids’…)

Based on the life of and produced by Mark Wahlberg this series is into it’s 7th season. So there’s like Six DVDs to get hooked on!

Anyway we like Entourage  a) because you can rent the first several series by the week for next to nothing…and it’s perfect fodder with each show just 20 minutes long…and

b) The star of the show – Adrian Grenier – is in town on Sunday at Auckland International Film Festival presenting a film that he directed – Teenage Parparrazo
which follows 12 year old Austin Visschedyk as he works to earn pocket money in LA – as a paparazzo.

4.Hip futurist trend this week…

According to the article in this week’s springwise a Volvo dealer in the UK is offering bikes as loaner vehicles but the Spanish have gone one better and offer very cool electric bikes for those having their Fiats serviced….so you ride out on one of these babies that takes you 70 km and re-charges during braking or by plug-in. Que Bueno!

3. The CHUPPIES are coming…

According to the Sydney Morning Herald Chinese Yuppies or CHUPPIES rank Australia as their No.1 destination for travel and get this….More than half the travellers surveyed from mainland China say they intend to travel to Australia over the next two years, and their top three priorities are natural scenery, sunshine and beaches, and new places.

…and they’re talking $5 billion within next five years these CHUPPIES will spend… and if they come to New Zillund…phew… will we be nice to them? Hmmm… we leave that for you to debate.

2. Privacy is the new Celebrity… (deep huh?)

Interesting concept this…  It’s all about how public we all are now. One in Five mothers has a blog, 99% of Gen Y-ers spend their lives socially networked to the point of every waking hour is about being public about what they’re thinking…and god they are a boring bunch!
And little girls at primary school when asked what they wanted to do when they grew up…the majority responded – ‘to be famous’…

So intelligent observers are now talking about ‘privacy’ for some being an ever-important commodity. Just ask Mel Gibson (Earings that recorded!)

Which brings us to how we love how Penelope Trunk. This woman is a clever, aspergers, entrepreneur who is one very very clever Blogger…in fact she’s made a business out of it… worth a read just for the Kate Middleton video which sums up perfectly ‘the laws as to privacy’…she made $$$ out of this…and donated.

Read Penelope Trunk on privacy as the new celebrity and watch ‘Waity Katie’ as the Brit press dub young Prince Willie’s girlfriend for eternity. (The importance of the video is that as a private citizen the Press were breaking the law by breaching her privacy and she sued and won.)

1. Gary Nuwman of ‘here in my car’… singing it with real cars backing him up – as a simple but very effective ad for a car battery company.

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