Howie’s hot five for…23 July 201

5. Online Dating – just got a whole lot more old fashioned in New York… is the latest thing to hit New York City dating  and here’s how it works…you join this outfit, get given 50 cards with ‘witty’ things like

“Look up. You might miss something.”

“I am totally cooler than your date,”

On the card is a unique code so select your target  – hiff a card their way, keep going and hope they log in and read your profile and contact you…

4. Dear Girls Above …

“Sometimes when we’re out I pretend I’m dumb cause guys think it’s cute.”…
Good thing I’m here to capture all your smart moments. – is a blog by a comedy writer in LA who happens to live in an apartment building with paper thin walls… and above him are two girls. All he does is capture their ‘wisdom’ every couple of days, posts it online…hey presto it’s as addictive as peanuts at a boring party

The girls above him haven’t heard of him or know he exists but Time Magazine does…read here!

And here’s a few more to keep you going:

“What oil spill…I thought I heard there was a flood somewhere”

“I didn’t want my therapist to judge me, so I told her I only made out with Chad.”
(Not sure you’re quite getting the point of therapy.)

3. Low-five of the week…Auckland City Council’s money grab…(Videoing bus lanes for all those who misjudge the invisible 50 metre mark)

“The target was to raise an additional $2 million in fines in year one, $4 million in year two and $6 million in year three – a total of $12 million.”

enough said…

click here for whole sordid saga.

2. Cyrus… Film Fest is on but this movie will be back – no, not Miley but Cyrus the movie…

Geeks and movies are now an full blown artform…

Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Superbad, Knocked Up

Judd Aptow,  Seth Rogan write and direct many of these and one constant is Jonah Hill.

These movies are the cynical versions of what Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was in 80’s when John Hughes was king.

Cyrus is in that genre but made by a couple of indie directors called Jay and Mark Duplass – who Ridley and Tony Scott have given serious money to …but it’s still got loose camera indie feel. Brillliant!

1.Wow, just what’s needed with BP, Global Warming, and Economic meltdowns …Designer Diapers…

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