Howie’s Hot Five for…30 July, 2010

5. I-phone keeps guy from serious rape rap…

Sydney Herald this week  – not reported in New Zealand media…we be busy with our own crime thanks…

“In what may be the first time an iPhone’s elephantine memory has saved someone accused of a serious crime, deleted data retrieved by a leading surveillance expert appears to have led to the dropping of five rape charges against a Sydney man.”

A18 year old accused a 60 year old man of rape…he was going to go doooooooown and he had deleted all his iphone messages. But with a clever dick (policeman) they were able to retrive up to 300 messages from the guys iphone.
Makes you almost want to forgive Apple and their ‘get over it’ death grip i-phone 4 fiasco…

4. Let’s talk Kindle…let’s talk Girls with Dragon Tatoos…

We cannot wait to buy our first ‘e-reader…forget overpriced i-pad’s…

Kindle of Amazon today released one for US$ of these babies…we like!

and with the NZ dollar roaring over $0.72…why that’s only $193!…You’ll connect using Wifi and download books for US$8-10 bucks and store up to 3500 books. What is not to get excited about!

and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has been downloaded one million times to e-readers…pity the author died young AND this guy is going to play the journalist in upcoming movie…

No, it’s not howie of howie’s hot five…but close and by the way we back this cool chick to play the quirky girl with the dragon on her back…but she’s only 13 so maybe not…

3. The Web Means the End of Forgetting…

Four years ago, Stacy Snyder, then a 25-year-old teacher in training at Conestoga Valley High School in Lancaster, Pa., posted a photo on her MySpace page that showed her at a party wearing a pirate hat and drinking from a plastic cup, with the caption “Drunken Pirate.” After discovering the page, her supervisor at the high school told her the photo was “unprofessional…promoting drinking…denied her a teaching degree.

Fact of the week: 75 percent of U.S. recruiters and human-resource professionals report that their companies require them to do online research about candidates, and many use a range of sites when scrutinizing applicants

Read this article in New York Times here …It’s SCARY!

Hot Five Term of the Week…Digital Forgiveness


A New Zealand example (Auckland) of how two worlds of Internet technology and traditional marketing can beat mediocrity in marketing.

Have to mention no shows like ‘the deal’…which we think is lamo…

However, huge one page ads in the NZ Herald and 90% discount on goods and services…$4 movies, $10 Waiheke Ferries and $28 ticket to Eru Dangerspiel – and you have a very good call to action as the say in the industry.

Our advice is to RSS feed the little blighter and watch for superdeals you can pack the family off to…

(We have a feeling the ‘hand-up’ in advertising is due to the NZ Herald being owners…hmmm…but still good, smart marketing for thrifty times)

1.Newwwpoooort…State of mind…

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