Howie’s Hot Five for…27 August, 2010

5. Prepping for Kindy… Good eye contact, a firm handshake and self confidence is what we look for in our 4 years olds.

And according to today’s Wall Street Journal – “in the frenzy to get toddlers into top private kindies, parents are now hiring consultants to coach their children on the art of the interview.”

Consultants hold ‘mock playgroups’ and write up 6 page assessments for the nervy, aspirational parents…at around US$400 a munchkin.

e.g. Appeared to enjoy the game of ‘Simon Says,’ engaging in gross motor tasks such as jumping, clapping, hopping” but other skills were “more challenging, such as balancing on one foot (she was not fully able to balance for more than 1 second or so).”

We say yikes!! Read article here

4. ipredict… share trading on whether ACT will last a month and making $ with your premonitions…

Victoria University and the New Zealand Institute for the Study of Competition and Regulation – are behind ipredict – a website where you open an account, put in some money then go about betting on the likelihood of around 100 listed future political or economic events coming true…at $1 bets

John Banks as first Super Mayor of Auckland;

Today you can buy shares in that event happening at $.50/share – if he wins you make $50 cents on your wager.

3. Cool Tool of the Week – briefest of brief film review services…

Tweetcritics – brief, simple film review that show how many have voted – we like

A review of other short, sharp film review sites here

2.  Facebook – PR debacle part hundred and….Facebook Places…

When will the steam run out of facebook for us ‘over 20’s (unders ignore the damn thing) especially in light of latest PR mess.

Facebook now lets you share your whereabouts with your friends by “checking in” to a location through Facebook Places.

But Places does have an odd quirk — even if you don’t want to share your location everywhere you go, your Facebook friends can share it for you!

And have to say as  usual Facebook introduces these applications quietly and then the roar of disapproval makes users have to figure out how to ‘opt out’…never easy…

click here for simple article on how to opt out of potentially being stalked

Facebook Places -how to change your settings to avoid

By the way, to quote the New York Times (here is the knarly bit)

“Places allows your friends to tag you when they check in somewhere, and Facebook makes it very easy to say ‘yes’ to allowing your friends to check in for you,” (New York Times)


and this year’s winners have to be -in our un-humble opinion – The Naked and Famous …and how cool to put out a 7 inch of Young Blood – slickest pop song since Paris is Burning AND record Mint Chick’s Yes! Dumb? No! as the B side… slick!

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