Howie’s Hot Five for…10 September 2010

5.  Google goes INSTANT with Bobby Dylan… and yikes!…all things Google…

These latest (they just keep coming…and then some disappear) Google apps are clever…

First up, go to the main google search page starting typing and Google INSTANT now predicts what  you are are looking for from the moment you start typing – try it and you’ll understand it hyper INSTANT…… and hereeeeee’s Bob!

PS…also worth checking out is Google voice and video chat…the first real Skype contender…calls to landlines – local and international – for around $0.2cents per min)…for more info click on the logo below:

4.Yippee – it’s out with the mumbo jumbo and in with the…Milk

It’s now proven that milk outperforms sports drinks… Milk has carbohydrates, electrolytes, calcium and vitamin D… casein and whey – with these last two being magic for muscle regeneration… and get this:

The Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism Journal found people who drank milk after training were able to exercise longer in their next session than people who had sports drinks or water.

And please don’t get us started on the ‘eight glasses’ of water bull or ‘I need my bottle of water just to get to the front gate’. Oh and ‘Detoxing’ …hmmm, isn’t that what the organ called the liver does?

Read Jane Clifton in The Listener talking to American Health Specialist Dr Susan Love…Reality check. The advice and facts here are gold.

3.  Groupy Deals...yet another upside of a down economy

A few weeks back we featured -the APN backed daily deal website…

But now, we really like Groupy Deals – smaller outfit that operates daily deals that kick in once enough people have signed up to that featured deal.

A perfect example is that the Hot Five team purchased a five coffee’s and slices of our choice for $20 – discounted down from $45 and valid until November!

Group Deals lends itself perfectly to forward-emailing specials on to friends etc….we like! The daily deals are available in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, Tauranga, Taranaki, Hawkes Bay and the Bay of Plenty.


2. This weekend MTV holds it’s 27th Video Awards and we say …SO WHAT!

It’s Youtube that matters… with MTV now full of horrible reality shows…

It’s funny how the major record labels have gone ‘quiet’ on protesting the cheek of youtube playing their music vids for free (like MTV did)….coz Duh! they’ve woken up to fact that it’s saving their sorry, shortsighted a#%ses…

Watching music vids is now a MAJOR pastime on Youtube… and mashing of music and video is nowhere clearer that on a Hot Five all time favourite ‘We are hunted emerging singles charts’ which features Vids for where available.

And Cee Lo’s video proves the power of it…words only…but what a video!

1. To prove the POWER of the Internet + Music + Video especially if  you know the address where your family first lived ...try this out…

(But be sure to close down all other browser windows and other programmes to get the full affect and put it on ‘full screen setting’…phew…(It’s Arcade Fire’s Latest Video and it’s ‘user inclusive’.)

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