Howie’s Hot Five for…17 September, 2010

5. Style Rookie….is this a case for hot housing?

Tavi Gevinson is four foot ten, has blogged on fashion since she was 11, writes beautifully and now makes television shows for the likes of Fashion Television.

She’s now 13 years old and Karl Lagerfield and Anne Wintour are her pals…and she is definitely considered ‘influential’ within the fashion world…

Check out …especially if you like The Satorialist and Garance et al….in fact Tavi could be the ‘spawn’ of these two fashion mavens.

Smart kid or a precocious pain in the butt- you be the judge…

The Independent Newspaper Fashion Blog wrote

Tavi is remarkable for many reasons. She’s only 13, but she always bags front-row seats at major catwalk shows because her blog is so influential. She also stood out when she turned up at New York Fashion Week sporting a short, grey hairdo. She dyed her hair a soft baby blue a few weeks earlier so that it would have faded to the correct tone of granny-chic grey by the time she appeared front row at the shows.

4. Amputation has them fainting in the aisles…

Danny Boyle of Trainspotting fame has a new movie – 127 hours that premiered last week at the Tornoto Film Festival and several people fainted…yes fainted at an amputation scene…The film proudly pitches itself as (gulp) having “the most realistic amputation scene ever put on film.”

Put simply, it makes mad Scotsmen on heroin and Indian slums look like Kindy…

Fox Searchlight spokeswoman Michelle Hooper was quoted as saying a young woman suffered a panic attack and an older man had to be wheeled out of the cinema on a gurney after becoming faint.

Check out the Sydney Morning Herald Article

and for the really curious here’s Aron Ralston talking first hand about ‘the cut’…

3.  Low Five -2 thought control events…and the Taliban are nowhere in sight…

Thought Control Exercise No.1: The Pentagon tried to buy entire print run of book on Afghanistan…all 10,000 copies and then pulp them. The publisher is delighted! Keep printing baby!

This from The Guardian;

The US Defence Department is scrambling to dispose of what threatens to be a highly embarrassing expose by the former intelligence officer of secret operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and of how the US military’s top brass missed the opportunity to win the war against the Taliban.

Read The Guardian Article here

Thought Control Exercise No.2: Calvin College – a University in Grand Rapids, USA was all set to have the New Pornographers play a concert but the gig was cancelled because of the band’s name. NOTE…this band is Alt. Country-rock who took their name from a 1966 satirical Japanese art-house film!

The college released a statement explaining, “After weeks of discussion and consideration, the irony of the band’s name was impossible to explain to many. The band’s name, to some, is mistakenly associated with pornography. Consequently, to some, it was mistakenly associated with pornography.”

Check this Vid out and tell us if this bunch of alt.hippies is a threat to the moral fabric…or just fashion sense. (Cool little tune though!)

2. Iron Maiden Front Man lands…middle management job…huh?

Ok, we are not Iron Maiden fans, but a few years ago we liked Iron Maiden-Flight 666 – a doco film following the the heavy metallers playing in Mumbai, Sydney, Tokyo, L.A., Mexico City, Costa Rica, Bogota, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Puerto Rico, New Jersey and Toronto …phew, and back home.

The only reason they could do it is because their lead singer has a commercial pilots license …
The press release this week for Astraeus, a Gatwick-based charter airline when announcing their new marketing director said;

“In a demanding industry he is a man who can cope with pressure,” Monnery said, “whether as a 757 captain or in front of 50,000 Iron Maiden fans, or senior airline and aviation managers.”

Yep, Bruce Dickison, the lead singer for Iron Maiden…has a day job.

1. The Granny Herald is No 1 ….

‘The Day of the Jackass’  = NZ Herald sums it up perfectly

Many of us believe that wrongs aren’t wrong if it’s done by nice people like ourselves. ~Author Unknown

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