Howie’s Hot Five for…24 September, 2010

5. Paul Henry’s Qantas media awards acceptance speech …strong language advisory …very strong…

4. We’ve seen the future of education and it’s a…pen!

No, not a laptop for every little munchkin on the planet – although Uruguay has just put given laptops to every child…however, we digress and invite you to feast your eyes on this Get Smart-like (why didn’t they call it that!) contraption….(Click on pic to make text bigger)

So the low-down is that as the teacher speaks and the child writes a note – the pen records and memorises what was being said as that word was jotted down.

If the teacher is saying; ‘the rule is i before e except after c’…the next day if when the student puts the pen on top of that word ‘after‘ then the pen plays back the recording of what was being said at the exact time as the word was originally jotted down. Capeche?!

Look, it’s a voice-recording pen with a memory ok!

You still don’t understand?…go to the easy-to-understand article here

3. She’s made it! Welcome in Mrs DeGeneres

Portia De Rossi is officially changed her name to Mrs DeGeneres.
But what’s fascinating about this aspirational individual is that apart from being born in Geelong, Australia – At 15 years of age she changed her name from Lee Rogers (Daughter of Barry and Margaret) to Portia DeRossi…’keep on runnin’ etc. But this also marks the freaky new trend of the gay community getting all straight and conservative…”We want to get married, change our names to our spouses etc”…Can’t wait for the divorce battles…

2. If you own a Video Store…please avert your eyes at the following piece of news or avoid the rush and SELL UP!

Blockbuster, the video rental giant in the US has just filed for bankruptcy…

Let’s quote directly from (Mashable)

It’s the same thing that’s been happening to the newspaper and publishing industries; new and more efficient business models have emerged that have made their models increasingly obsolete. Netflix’s rental-by-mail model and Redbox’s $1 DVD kiosks have clearly won, but so have the online video distribution models that Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and others have pioneered.

Ok, it ain’t the music industry, who for years when smelling that their massive profit margins were under threat stamped their feet and said – it’s a CDs for you or nothing suckers, um, sorry, customers. Bring on the new model we say – when can we download/stream video on demand at the bottom of the world for say $6…hmmm…not likely soon when we still line up for $16 movies and 20 bucks of popcorn and crap at the local Queen St, Auckland zoo-like building..yeech!

1. Released just last night at Te Papa – by Norman Meehan and Bill Manhire…WE LOVE BUDDHIST RAIN!

… and especially the dulcet, pitch perfect, non-histrionic voice of Hannah Griffen – this girl we know has a huge future…(Hannah Griffin Myspace Page)

Here’s the low-down on the project- here

For those who support those hardest of working musicians in New Zealand, the jazzers… listen to the Concert Radio interview here

and well put up a taster of Buddhist Rain when available…

But until then here’s a taster of Bill Meehan taking an E.E. Cummings poem and Hannah Griffin singing it…

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