Howie’s Hot Five for…1 October, 2010

5. TEDx Auckland 2010…has just happened

It proved that the future for NZ is with our young and multi-cultural minds…and ONE BEEP says it all…

Get these names – Vinny Jeet, Steve Ward, Kayo Lakadia and Chanyeol Yoo

The 4th year Auckland Uni Students just bagged 3rd in the world at the ‘NERD OLYMPICS’ or the Microsoft Imagine Cup – the worldʼs biggest student technology competition, competing against 325,000 students from 68 other countries.


They’ve developed software which turns a humble AM/FM Radio into a receiver of documents – where there is no broadband  – such as in many third world countries – so suddenly the ‘one laptop per child’ means something.

Take a PDF or word document – One Beep turns these into a beeps via radio waves – sends the documents over the radio frequency and then reconstructs the document at the other end on to a laptop plugged into an AM/FM Radio.  All that’s needed is a One Child Per Laptop and any cheap radio at the receiving end – and ONE BEEPS technology.

These boys are about to go ‘live’ with their beeps to help the children of the Solomons…this opens up truly remote teaching…magical.

4. Keeping with innovation – Eyeglasses!

TruFocals  – they must be cool as they’ve got a name with capitals in all the wrong places like most ‘new’ gizmos… but these are cool…see the little lever in the middle – that changes these pair of glasses quickly from ‘reading’ glasses to normal glass. New age by-focals if you will. Now if you’ve ever hung out with someone that wears glasses to read…then forever peeping over the top to see the real world…you’ll get the drift.

Read The Wall Street Journal article for the full view.

3. Salt + gargling…it’s true tested…

Not a cure for the common cold …but this makes some damn fine sense…
Gargling salt (Saline)
draws excess fluid from inflamed tissues in the throat, making them hurt less…but it gets better – gargling salt loosens thick mucus, which can remove irritants like allergens, bacteria and fungi from the throat. AND it cleans your breath – and while we are on it  – it’s proven that gargling alcohol gargling products enhances cancer of the throat – let’s not even think about drinking pinot noir or bourbon and coke…

The venerable Mayo Clinic in the US followed 400 test cases – those who were told to gargle three times a day – GET THIS – had a nearly 40 percent decrease in upper respiratory tract infections compared with the rest of the 400!

2. Is this woman the most hated mother in the US?

In 2008 she allowed her nine year old son to take the New York underground on his own…she was bombard with criticism  – – ‘child abuse’ was one. So she started the Freerangekids blog. and this week she is in Sydney  – and her argument for freeranging is…
“Crime rates in Australia are dropping. Kidnappings and abductions have not risen in the past decade….but we treat each excursion of our child’s as possibly the last these days…then there is the obsession with being the best parent one can be”

Why we mention this is that last year Howie’s Hot Five mentioned a trend with 25 year old or younger parents being a bit more relaxed on the perfect parenting front – is the hot house era over? (She does a nice line on cellphones making adults into babies as well!)

Read the full Sydney Morning Herald Article

1. Janine Foster is No1… young Auckland school of music songwriter 2010…

You cannot beat a simple little pop song ever! This is the second year of the competition with six finalists having to play solo and with a crack three piece band with added instruments of their choice….$15 – very very good night out. Look out for it next year…(and check out – and what helped make the evening even better was hearing the winners of the young songwriter schools competition – Jayne Fitzgerald and Massad-Barakat Devine…

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