Howie’s Hot Five for…15 October, 2010

5. ‘mum’-trepreneur…

It’s dubbed the Aussie mum’s kitchen table games empire – in short Janene Samuel’s has invented a video-cartridge lanyard that attaches to video consoles and stops kids losing their video games…

She fashioned is from ‘stuff she found in the cupboard’ and the DS is now on sales Australia–wide.

“We’re just a normal joe blow family from the suburbs so the stress of the money outlay has been the only downside to the whole thing –even old ladies are coming up and congratulating me in the street,” said Samuel.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

4. Radio – faster, clearer and more reliable than the Internet

And here’s where the Brit’s are cute and so right…they can listen to news, improv comedy, a book reading, classical music, a new drama, a science lecture, the shipping forecast or a hundred-part series (really) on the history of the world…

So despite HD TV, 3D movies and I-pads – the Brits are listening to the radio more than ever. (22 hours a week on average for adult Briton!)

And let’s be honest in the case of an eruption or earthquake – a battery powered radio is where you’d head…

So let the debate for tv-radio license fee begin!

Source: LA Times (going all gooey over UK radio listening habits)

3.  A German Tourist, A US Cop – one of these things is not the same…

Someone in this video is about to lose their job… this event happened just over a week ago and 40,000 vid-views later….hmmm, time to hang up ya spurs we think…

2. 33 miners, 68 Days, 2300 Feet…Underground-THE MOVIE!

Just the facts:

  • The 27th miner to be rescued, Franklin Lobos, is a former soccer star who juggled a soccer ball on his foot moments after emerging from the capsule….
  • They’d develop the bendsNo! They were at sea level, silly.
  • Whoa, Confined space man. No! They had the run of the mine with half a mile to run around and space for um, ah, waste. “One miner ran several miles a day.”
  • Thirsy man. No! They even had a small waterfall and could take a shower and shampooed and shaved and they had potable water from wells they dug.
  • No air, man. No! They were down a gold and copper mine and asphyxiation was never an issue – only get methane gas in coals mines.

BUT, before we go, here’s the fuss:  They survived for 17 days on just two spoonfuls of tuna, a cup of milk, one cracker and a bit of a peach topping every other day. Their digestive and insulin systems had nearly shut down and they were breaking down their own fat and muscle tissue.

1. Blue Smoke – the behemoth

The lost dawn of New Zealand popular music 1918 – 1964 (Auckland University Press) by Chris Bourke… this guy has tracked the lost, forgotten period when dating meant swinging to a live band in a joint downtown – men a tie and woman dressed to the nines with a slash of red lipstick…(The photography is to die for) The story of New Zealand popular music before the 60’s…jazz, country AND western.

Ruru Karaitiana, wrote Blue Smoke on a troop ship leaving New Zealand for the War… and it marks the first complete New Zealand pop song.

The story goes the telephone went one late night in a house in Dannevirke and it was this guy asking for if Mr. Ruru was about and has he got anymore songs like this one?

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