Howie’s Hot Five for…22 October, 2010

5. The Budgie Smuggler is back!

Thanks to Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and two Australian lifesavers that walked through that yawn of a movie -Sex and the City 2 – the humble little ‘sluggie’ or budgie smuggler is back this summer…

Quoting directly from the Sydney Morning Heraldsales have swollen by 17%…with makes such as ‘aussiebum’ and um, ah, Budgie Smuggler in front of the pack.

Get this, the GM of Budgie Smuggler is called the Chief Smuggler and he’s quoted as saying that “budgie smugglers” had also improved design-wise over the years and new technologies and fabrics allowed them to “cling in all the right places”.

We think the shy, little kiwi male will not be seen dead making such a peacock fashion statement this summer!

4. Low-Five-of-the-Week; It’s official – John Lennon is dead…

He has to be when one reads the following: This year, Montblanc is celebrating a legendary musician and enduring spirit: John Lennon. Creating the John Lennon Edition Writing Instrument, Montblanc ensures that Lennon’s legend not only lives on in his verse, music and artistic legacy, but also in the beauty of a timeless writing instrument.

Say what! Incredibly despicable – we used to think the Yoko neg-influence was exaggerated but this is too much. How do you get from chanting stuff like ‘We’re bigger than Jesus Christ’, Instant Karma, Give Peace a Chance, Gimme Some Truth and (gulp) Working Class Hero – to a limited edition 18k nib…

To feast on more of this porn click here

Oh, yes, the JL Fountain Pen is  US$920 with prices going higher as gold and diamonds are added to the designs….eeek! It’s true rock and roll is dead it’s now one up from the auto-car industry.

Is this a Mont Blanc writing instrument moment…hmmmm

3.Stop Press; Vanilla Ice is back…with a home renovation show…

The Vanilla Ice Project debuted this week …a home renovation programme

According to Vanilla Ice, the show quickly came together after executives at DIY Network discovered his passion for real estate and self-taught home improvement skills.

Oh and relax he has another album coming out: “It’s got a lot of hip-hop on it, but it’s all over the map,” he said. “There’s some techno on it. It’s got a country song that I’ve done with Cowboy Troy. I’ve even got some acoustic, a cappella stuff on there. There’s no explicit lyrics on this one, which is good.”

Vanilla Ice ... Would you take property advice from this man?

Vanilla Ice … Would you take property advice from this man?


KiwiFM food reviewer Simon Farrell-Green has just set up something much needed in Auckland  – a serious, completely honest, judgmental, Auckland restaurant review blog.

EAT HERE NOW Let us tell why it’s good;

1. It’s got people writing about food that know about food – can’t agree more with Peta Matthias when she says what is it about newspapers sending off hack journalists who really  know nout about the food industry to review restaurants – couldn’t agree more.

2. These guys know food and they take along a talented photographer – so you get real sense of the food and the restaurant.

3. Restaurants are classified according to the suitability for an occasion; 1st Date, 131st Date, Parents, Client …  they need ‘We’re from Out of Auckland’ and ‘Best Breakup Spot’  sections we reckon…

1. I love my hair – This week little girls with afros rule ok!..

A little Muppet girl has started a sensation. The unnamed puppet with an afro sings a love song to her hair – and older African-American women across the US have posted the Sesame Street video and had a good cry over it…

One of the people behind Sesame Street has an adopted little girl from Ethiopia  – who was getting very upset she didn’t have hair like her blonde barbie dolls…blonde and straight…

So her dear old dad wanted to tell his tot that “Your hair is great. You can put it in ponytails. You can put it in cornrows. I wish I had hair like you.”…

This simple message has caused an outpouring of responses from women…an African woman who told him the song brought her to tears. “I was amazed, ’cause I sort of wrote this little thing for my daughter, and here this adult woman, it touched her,” he says. (Quoted source:

and here’s the real little girl with her mum;

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