Howie’s Hot Five for…29 October, 2010

5. Ireland and Argentina Swapping Nightlife…

We like this…the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project was announced this week – On 27 November 14 countries will pair up and exchange ‘crates of their stuff’ that represent the ingredients for a perfect night out. So the best of Dublin’s nightlife will be shipped to Buenos Aires for one night and Buenos Aires to Dublin.

From fashion to music and cocktails – 40,000 have made suggestions, the best have been  selected so ‘the crack’ will be good in Argentina and steak the size of construction bricks will be served in Ireland by Tango-clad beauties we assume.

The pairings are:

Buenos Aires – Dublin

Warsaw – Caracas

Miami – London

Bangkok – Beirut

Sydney – Sao Paulo

Bangalor – Toronto

Berlin – Cape Town

Whangarei – Rome (kidding)

4.  Sisters and Happiness…

One of the NY Times’ most read articles this week reports on several studies  –  “that adolescents who have a sister are less likely to report such feelings as “I am unhappy, sad or depressed” and “I feel like no one loves me.”

Two Brit psychologists even found that young people who had grown up with at least one sister tended to be happier and more optimistic, especially if their parents had divorced.

Why?Talk…girls talk…and talk…and they say it’s not just the emotional stuff…it’s just the fact they talk…and talk that help brothers go phe, all is right with the world, cos there they go the sisters are talkin’.

Source-NY TIMES: Why Sisterly Chats Make People Happier

3. Jay Z – his biz empire is ‘ouch-hot!’

The must read article for budding urban entrepreneurs has to be the Wall Street Journal’s once over of Jay-Z – man it is impressive!

  • 26 is age Jay Z got started in music biz…formed his own label as no one wanted to touch him
  • US$450 million is what’s he’s worth in 2010 (He’s 40)
  • HP, Coke, Budweiser, Reebok and Microsoft…are various project partners
  • More No.1 albums on Billboard …outside of the Beatles
  • Profit shares with Live Nation -touring and concert outfit – so U2 and Madonna work for the J!
  • Part owns chain of sports bars as well as a wine bistro ...The Spotted Pig
  • US$204 million roles in from his creative and operational control of clothing his line Rocawear
  • Is known to share strawberry malts with Warren Buffet
  • AND this song now sits alongside that other Chairman of The Board’s (Frank Sinatra) as an unofficial NY.NY. Anthem …there’s only two…Lemme hear you say yeah!

2. Let these pics speak for themselves…

Backstory: First, it’s all true – no tricks. In September Luke turned up to a sci-fi convention (he’s got some sci-fi gig in the work) and this week the series of pics with his fans with their flippers all over him have really been doing the rounds… riveting stuff. If you can’t get enough of this stuff…see source link below for the whole family album.
Source: The Vine

1. Toms Shoes (very cool global marketing)

Apart from being a dude, Blake Mycoskie – is one hell of a ‘philanthrapreneur’…

The short story is, Blake competed in The Amazing Race, was 4 minutes away from winning the US$ 1million prize …and lost. Playing polo in Argentina he discovered a shoe worn for hundreds of years by South American farmers – the alpargata… it was becoming hip for latin fashionistas…

so he’s now making them for the capitalist fashionistas and for every pair of shoes he sells he delivers a pair to a child in need.  In his words…”There would be no complex formulas. Just simple one-for-one.

He’s now doing it in Argentina and Africa…

Source: Trap Door Sun

Take a look at back story video link here:

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