Howie’s Hot Five for…5 November 2010

5. Legal Highs…the ongoing racket

Ok, evidently this stuff…also known as ‘nopaine’ is ‘every bit as good as cocaine’…and so we enter the murky, murky but hyper growth industry of ‘legal highs’.

And who better to report on growth industries but The Wall Street Journal

The nub of the plot being hard times make ‘thinking outside of the square’ so much more effective. So we have an out-of-work construction worker fiddling with the molecular structure of things like Ritalin to come up with next new ‘legal high’. Scary stuff but very very lucrative…

These laboratory adept entrepreneurs last year introduced 24 new psychoactive substances – double the number in 2008.

Some of these substances are killing people but because they also print ‘not fit for human consumption’ they slip through the net… nasty but trendy.

Source: Wall Street Journal

4. The Great Unwashed…are now hip

What’s hip in New York and London these days – soap dodging.

A New York Times article spurred The Guardian to investigate a similar trend…in the capital of soap dodging – London.

This very attractive young lady has given up daily showers…and a wipe with a lemon fills in for deodorant – and the New York Times article has lovely photos of beautiful people who now forgo showering and shampooing daily and don’t use deodorant ever.

And scientists agree – we are washing good germs from our skin down the drain that by keeping a healthy dose of can help us ward off other bad stuff – as well as removing lipids and oils that dry the dickens out of our skin…convincing.

By the way sales of ‘dry shampoo’ are going gangbusters on both sides of the Atlantic.

3. Airlines ditching 1st class seats…

We love spare, concise journalism – so we loved the opening this in the Sydney Morning Herald

‘The number of first class seats is shrinking’

It’s an early trend but growing with airlines forgoing the 1st class seats for the cheap seats because that’s what punters now want.

Good old ‘global slowdown’. Qantas is taking out first class except for Sydney -LA -London.

On the other hand – this is the crowd that won best First Class 2010…wouldn’t you?

2. 50, Yes 50 Office-Speak Phrases that are hated

This from the BBC– Listener responses to management-speak idiocy: (The’re 43 more where these came from)

“I work in one of those humble call centres for a bank. Apparently, what we’re doing at the moment is sprinkling our magic along the way. It’s a call centre, not Hogwarts.”

In this space. So instead of the perfectly adequate ‘how can I help?’ It’s ‘how can I help in this space?’ Or ‘How can we help our customers in this space going forward?’

We are still optimistic things will feed through the sales and deliver a

“Need to get all my ducks in a row – before the five-year-olds wake up.”

“I once had a boss who said, ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it, so you have to step up to the plate and face the music.’ It was in that moment I knew I had to resign before somebody got badly hurt by a pencil.”

The HR woman told us she would be cascading down new information to staff. What she meant was she was going to send them a memo. It was one of the reasons I resigned – that, and the fact that the chief exec persisted on referring to the company as a really cool train set.”

Loop Back …which means to go back and speak to the first person you spoke to.

Source: BBC News

1. No Bull is truly ADDICTIVE Yogurt…

For once the marketing paraphernalia is right! This stuff is creamy, thick, not too sweet, not too tart – and only problem is you won’t be able to stop eating it.

Going by the four empty 500ml containers in our office – this stuff is too good.  Be warned even though it’s ‘95%’ fat free – it’s full cream – one punnet = 500 calories (gulp). Be warned you’ll scoff the stuff when you first open.

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