Howie’s Hot Five for…12 November 2010

5. Detroit City Farming …

Detroit and Cleveland now have two things in common;

1. Vast tracts of industrial wasteland and empty clapper-board housing thanks to the economic A-bomb that went off in these two cities…  In Cleveland we’re talking 8000 properties that are about to be bowled.  (For a period, every 12 minutes a family was leaving Detroit, Michigan -and population decline from 1.8 million to now, just over 900,000)

2. A glimmer of hope …Urban Farming.

Very close to downtown Cleveland  – the city boasts the biggest urban farm in the country with 60 acres. Part of it’s even a vineyard!

In another part of the city there’s a project to plant a fruit and lavender orchard.

In another part of Ohio they have a six acre farm that’s doing work training for unemployed and feeding the region around it.

Source: NPR Radio – Take a listen to the programme

Photos Source: Time Magazine Urban Farming Around the World

4. Stand up for your right …to mock your boss on Facebook!

The National Relations Labour Board in the US of A have just come up with a stunning idea…

Mocking your boss on Facebook should be deemed a legally protected activity.

And the Board is bringing a test case to test against an ambulance service who it seems fired an employee based on comments she made on the social-networking site.

Evidently it’s all about free speech and employee rights.


How About: If You Want to Whine About Your Boss, Just Make a ‘List’ Noting that the National Labor Board had Facebook gripers’ backs “for now,” The Washington Post’s Melissa Bell says avoid troubles by tightening your Facebook friendship circles.

“If you really cannot refrain from whining about your boss on Facebook, there are these fantastic things called ‘Lists.’ They allow you to group your friends according to what you do and do not want them to know. Simply go to Account –> Edit Friends –> Create a List. Label it ‘Work.’ Select all the friends that have anything at all to do with your job, or your boss. Now, the next time you go to post a status update that reads, ‘My boss is a huge jerkface,’ click the icon that looks like a lock. It will offer you the option ‘Custom.’ Choose edit and then in the ‘Hide this from’ bar, enter ‘WORK.’ Save setting; whine at will.”

Source: The Atlantic Wire

3. Night Goggle Vision Tourism…

Cutting edge tourism is what Aotearoa needs … imagine if you could explore say Levin’s wildlife with…night vision goggles…

An Australia outfit is ignoring all the horrible ‘where the hell are ya’ promotions and have opted for something original.

Vision Walks have begun offering after-dark tours using military-style night vision goggles.

So when you are in Byron Bay next you’ll be able to see possums, pademelons, bandicoots, frogs and glow worms without disturbing them with bright lights. Just don’t shoot the possums ok!

2. Mapping bong business means big bucks…

“No one cares if you smoke a joint or not.”
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

And ‘medical’ marijuana is big business and big taxable business at that for the State ‘coughers’.

Now to the business end of the joint; The marijuana network can be daunting for the uninitiated – so much to choose from and so little memory. How are patients supposed to navigate? Here we quote Fast Company and coverage of;

Weedmaps (Find your bud) that in no time at all has grown into a $400, 000 a month business…wtih 25000 visitors each day for reviews and listings for dispensaries in states where medical marijuana is legal.

Dispensaries post ads and information  – and pay for this  and  -inhale – you have a booming business.

Article Source: Fast Company ‘Weedmaps’

1.  My Name is Michael Caine…no seriously son…

Thus veedao seys it all really don’it (practiced in Michael Caine accent please) – or just watch and marvel at Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. (For future viewing rent  the movie A Cock and Bull Story.

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