Howie’s Hot Five for…26 November, 2010

5. The Revolution will be … STREAMED

This week we saw the future of movies…and we Antipodeans as usual need to look to the HQ of creative entrepreneurs The US…

Netflix, is the massive DVD courier to your home outfit…until very recently that is.

Just the facts…(sorry, no sizzle)

In a matter of only a couple of months Netflix is now the biggest source of streaming Web traffic…during peak evening hours…

Netflix is the only outfit writing cheques – $1 billion to stream film from three Hollywood studios…Hollywood is in a real tizz…we hate these guys, we need these guys etc.

Last Monday they offered a $7.99 a month for unlimited downloads of movies and television shows via computer…it’s the beginning of goodbye DVD

For first time in history cable television subs have fallen in the US!

Call it Youtube on steroids…and it’s fast streaming in HD…wonderful!

Source NY Times: Netflix Fast Growing Rival to Hollywood

4. Russian Blonds Get More-Roubles per Bang…

There is a very poor part of Russia thanking Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton and the whole mad world of hair extensions…

‘Virgin’ Russian hair has long been used for toupee’s and wigs…but bring on the hair extensions and dirt poor Russian girls with golden tresses are getting paid dollars!

The big swingers in this industry are brand such as

The Raw Virgin Hair Company and …for ‘perfect virgin Russsian hair…once you go Russian virgin hair…you’ll never go back…

A case study: Natalya Vinokurova comes from a town where half have plumbing…she grew strawberry hair to her waist…then harvested it…and the outfit that brought it does US$16 million in Russian virgin hair… and as you read this there are virgin Russian hair buyers roaming the rough, poor parts of Russia and The Ukraine with their clippers…

Source: NY Times

3. Steve Tucker…Aussie Loser or Romantic…

Steve Tucker met a woman for several seconds at a party – He works at the Department of Immigration   – he asked her what she did and evidently she murmured something about a Government job…

So he hit the desk on Monday and proceeded to send out 1000 emails! or his office’s entire database of Government employees in his town saying amongst other things, the following:

”My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss. Have an awesome Monday.”

He has now lost his job….oh, and the woman when tracked down couldn’t remember him at all!

Question of the day: Romantic or dawky stalker?

(Steve is on the right by the way)

A man’s opinion we respect is Sam de Brito and his blog All Men are Liars…

Sam’s view is: “[technology leads to] passive and unproductive behaviour with women and guys need to just put it out there, take a chance, and not fear rejection – and he thought the guy s was lame and not romantic but a bit creepy…

BUT he has pulled his post on Steve Tucker after feeling bad about it…

But we like Sam’s point here:
“My intention was to encourage men to not look at things such as email and texting and Facebook as an alternative to developing social dexterity and courage..”

For both side of the story here are the links:

Wired-crossed lovers: emailing Romeo fails to win over his Juliet

Steve Tucker(All Men are Liars Blog)…worth it for great comments – some Aussie males are very rounded individuals.

2. Don’t touch my junk bro!

Emotional times in The US – prosthetic breast fondling, hands on wedding tackle…
with the quote of the week being ‘don’t touch my junk bro or i’ll have you arrested’.

But where frustration may turn to ‘this is murky bro’ is in the following facts:

The former US Homeland Security Chief who has been yelling from the rooftops from the time he was the head honcho till now that the US needs these full body scanners – consults to the only outfits that supply them!

Michael Chertoff is the guys name…he sits on a myriad of defence product maker
boards …and he’s been promoting Rapiscan – the full body gizmos since 2005!

Even a Republican – Ron Paul – is introducing legislation against the scanners and we quote:

“Michael Chertoff!” Paul exclaimed on the House floor. “I mean, here’s the guy who was the head of the TSA, selling the equipment. And the equipment’s questionable. We don’t even know if it works, and it may well be dangerous to our health.”

What’s really uncomfortable is that Chertoff is a regular hired-talking-head on many news shows espousing the best security for Fortress America…without letting on his conflict of interest…yech!

And on the lighter side – Saturday Night Live’s take



1. Save an endangered word today – by adopting…

adj: discharging urine
“No my dear Watson, that’s not water you’re standing in – I believe a mingent man was here recently.”

Adopt a word…promise to use it and you can order a groovy t-shirt with your word emblazoned on the front…

Every year words are dropped from the English Oxford Dictionary for lack of use…this site wants to start saving endangered words…

pigritude – n. laziness

avunculize – v. to act as uncle

boreism – n. behavior of a boring person

quibbleism – n. beating around the bush

locupletative – adj. tending to enrich

blateration – n. blabber; chatter

graviloquence – n. grave speech


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