Howie’s Hot Five for…12 August 2011….we are back!

I’m just off to the 95 BFM Studio…so here’s quick run down of links for today’s show…

But what can you say about this past week… a chilling week of looting, pillaging and depressing talk of Europe teetering financial collapse…again, of an overpriced  rugby jersey PR debacle and poor old Obama looking fatigued and flummoxed with life…

5.  The video that put us in the drama of London’s Looters is amateur! Iphone 4 and such are giving us the bird’s eye view – right in the thick of it…

Young Malaysian student had just arrived in London – first up had his bike stolen and jaw broken by a couple of 12 year olds ….but this is where it gets interesting- the amateur video footage of what happened afterwards…

4.  Rosie the Court Dog…. is getting sued

Everyone says she’s adorable and only bad thing is she’s been known to slobber…
But a defense attorney is appealing a rape trial because of Rosie the dog who comforts children who have to testify at ghastly criminal trials. We quote:

Rosie may unfairly sway jurors with her cuteness and the natural empathy and the witness she’s comforting may be seen to be automatically telling the truth because of the damn dog…

Read full story

3. Growing old …it’s not allowed ok!

This is the story in California this week…debt ceiling be damned this is really dividing opinion.

She has 25 grand and great grand children… and the op cost $8000 and she’s said;
Why? To keep up with the kids of course!

“Your breasts go in one direction and your brain goes in another.”

Read more here: Boob Debate

2.  Flying from New York to Sydney is 30 minutes…one day.

This morning in the US this baby was launched by the US military:

The future of flight is Hypersonic or flying at Mach 20 (Chuck Yeager did Mach 3…from memory). This baby flies at 13000 miles a second…you do the math.

One problem…at time of writing this baby got lost. But we are hopeful that things will get back on track so we can fly to NY in 30 mins one day…please.

1. The Game of Thrones

We are not Fantasty-roll-playing-Tolkein educated bores…but his new HBO series ROCKS….

We are hooked. What’s even more interesting is the author backstory – one George R.R. Martin sat down wrote 1000 pages…slowly has built nut-oid fan base and sold 15 million books of the trilogy – unfortunately the follow up series has taken longer than some of his fans can suffer – e.g. of one comment “Take your Fxxn typewriter out or your Fxxxn ass and start Fxxn writing.

He’s been told off for taking holidays. One rabid fan is sorry he ever got hooked he’s so emotional about waiting for a follow up…

Great article here on The Sopranos with Swords

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