Howie’s Hot Five for…19 August, 2011

Ok this week we are all over the place from the deceptively simple to the last chance for the largest Pacific City …and it’s looking good!

5. How to boil an egg perfectly every time…

This we have to share because it works every time…

  • Put the egg in a pot
  • Add cold water to a level just above the egg
  • Put on stove element to medium-high
  • Bring to boil for one minute
  • Turn off element
  • Come back in 7 minutes for medium-soft
  • Come back in 15 minutes for perfectly hard

Isn’t this the best!

4. The future = Snail mail going online

In New Zealand International snail mail is ending – simple as that.  As from October 1st international economy letters will be no more….

So far so interesting…but this week the Australian Coalition Party introduced a new platform… Giving a digital post office box or pigeon-hole to every citizen to receive communications from Government departments.

Get this, a study in Britain found the government saved between $5.16 and $18.70 for each instance where engagement with citizens switched to the web.

By the way some countries are now making broadband a ‘right’ …as in all citizens of right should be able to access a broadband connection.

Read more: Sydney Morning Herald

3. Is this Auckland’s last chance?

The Wynyard Quarter has just opened…out of Aucklanders (Wellingtonian) are going whoopee…

But we at HH5 are impressed as unlike its big brother across the bridge – the Vial-duct, the Wynyard Q seems to have been designed with people in mind -and not the quick-buck America’s Cup pirates or even gulp …The Cloud. There’s a real relationship between the water’s edge and us the people – Yah! And if it’s true the $9 million trammy-thingy will one day run to St Heliers and back – then we say brilliant to Auckland City Planners! Not often you get that word and Auckland City Planning in the same sentence.

(now if only we could get a city-bike rental programme)

And, with word that the cycle, walking track is suddenly a goer…. be still our beating hearts.

2. The Auckland Plaudits keep coming…

we can’t wait for this to open in early September….

Take a virtual tour here…


1. This takes the prize for utter mash of big $ world music super group

We’ve watched this several times and are thinking is it any good …what is it? And the old guy in the pink suit…who’s he?

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