Howie’s Hot Five for… 26 August, 2011

Quick Howie’s hot five today – simple because our job is to demystify and simplify….
and it’s that time of the year for the Time Magazine Best Websites time of the year. In short, we reckon 70% of the picks for ’11 are dull! HOWEVER… below are four we love, use and adore…(and this week’s Hot no. 1 is sniffing clever)

5.  8

For those who love the idea of sending digital cassettes of your fav tunes to that girl you’ve got a crush on – each tune loaded with meaning …this is for you!

This site 1; allows you to easily upload 8 tracks to a playlist and 2;  send, share etc … its great and it classifies the thousands of playlists into every category imaginable from themes (I hate my parents) to genre including classical to acoustic, R&B, Dub Step, lo-fi etc etc… plug your laptop into your stereo and away you can go…

Go to

4.  Dear Photograph… coolio…

File this one under addictive voyeurism into other people’s photo albums…
Take an old photo back to the place it was taken and hold up in position of original shot.

Go to dear

3.  Saving the good internet oil up for later…

Here are three tools we love which basically allows you to catch the good stuff on the ‘Internets’ on the hoof for later – these are a mix of simple and startlingly pictorial …clipboards in other words

Instapaper – click the read later button on your tool bar and you can do just that!

Read it Later another version of the above and some like this better…

Pinterest – this is wonderful as it lets you create and share collections of stuff you like in any category you choose  – so you can grab pics on the run browsing and pull them into a story board…but our favourite along these lines is

Storify – allows bundling of related tweets, TwitPics, Facebook updates, Flickr photos and other elements onto one page – with very cool captioning

2. Remember when Google started it was …simple and clean...

try DuckDuckGo
no ads and search lists kept to one page so you simply scroll down….easy.

No. 1: Sniffing out graffiti …Graffit-e-nose!

This man is holding a device he invented that can pick up fumes from a spray can – send a text and for some poor ‘bombed’ neighourhood and catch graffiti crims… blimmin clever we think….

Ok, we love good graffiti art but some of it is hideous vandalism…this contraption can set off alarms, set off sprinklers, turn on lights etc… very, very Blade Runner… bit cold but coolly effective….(what is it about contraptions and guys with beards?)

Source Sydney Morning Herald

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