Howie’s Hot Five for… 9 September, 2011

5.  Web Therapy…with Lisa Kudrow and Meryl Streep (HOT)

Little by little the Internet is starting to produce great, watchable TV product – and this is one of the best by far. So good it has just gone to …TV – on the Showtime Channel in the US – and is quite brilliant as it’s almost entirely improvised.

For a great article go here

4. So you’re serious about saving the planet?…(HOT)

Then it’s simple…start eating your GRUBS…or ‘shrimps of the sky’…

The likes of the New Yorker and the Sydney Morning Herald have recently covered bug farming and grub gastronomy in detail.

A quote from the New Yorker article (link is above) written by Dana Goodyear

Dunkel likes to make a recipe her own. Betty Crocker called for half a cup of chopped walnuts. In the margin, in a loopy hand—the penmanship of a girl who grew up on a farm in Wisconsin in the nineteen-fifties—Dunkel had suggested a substitution: “or fresh roasted crickets.”

Scorpion Taco

And from the Sydney Morning Herald just last week

Experts in Brussels believe that insects could be a vital source of nutrition that will not only solve food shortages but also help save the environment. They have launched a €3 million ($3.99 million) project to promote the eating of insects.

3. One Day -THE book (COLD)

You no doubt know of the book – yep this 2009 love story-page turner was ruddy good BUT…the movie has just been released and, uh, ah, how can we say this  – it’s a TURKEY and Anne Hathaway playing a bookworm with a Northern English accent… that’s just the beginning of the casting cock-ups. Why, why, why?

The film is directed by Lone Scherfig who directed An Education – so hopes are high… but here’s what our favourite sharp film reviewer has to say:

“Though the years rattle past, there’s a load of them to get through, and by the end, the title feels like an accurate measurement of the time we have spent in the cinema.: (ouch)
Anthony Lane, New Yorker August 29, 2011.

2.  Auckland + Cycling = Zero Imagination (COLD)

The only Auckland stab at a public bike service – – folded its tent at the beginning of the year after the little support from the Council dried up. However, in next few days they are back…smaller – available at Hotels and Cafes and down at the Wynyard Quarter at the HP Intel Building.

Central Auckland CBD is flat – we need to get commuters using these to get to work and get home!!! this is public transport – no more exclamation marks. The Council is doing a year long feasibility study due out this time next year…yawn.

And now for the future; (Ok London, Barcelona, Paris etc have wonderful public bike schemes) but now this in London, just this week…

Hertz offers electric bike rental scheme in London

Hertz say they want to extend the service to ‘other bike friendly’ cities…hmmm that doesn’t rhyme with Auckland we think… bummer.

1. Willy does Coldplay…for the environment

File under cute video – odd song/singer combo…we like!
Where it gets interesting is that the video is for Chipotle – a US nationwide Mexican fast- food chain (think thousands of tacos) – but this outfit is the biggest buyer of naturally raised meat in the US. The ‘steaks’ for being green are growing higher very day.

and respect to Willie ….he’s 78, right on.

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