Howie’s Hot Five for…22 September, 2011

5. Lip Balm Anonymous…

Ok we admit it sometimes we listen to other radio stations…eeeek. But our ears were bent towards the wireless (what a wonderful old-fashioned word that’s been hijacked by the world’s tech team)and Simon Morton snippet on those addicted to lip balm…

Yes…lip balm is addictive… Here CBS snippet …Dr Holly Phillips Video on CBS Television Morning Show

So if you’re using lip balm a dozen times a day and you stop and your lips crack up and you along with it…you’re hooked sucker!   There is even a 12 Step Programme

and here’s the Simon Morton clip

And if you are addicted – this woman will cure you …she’ll drive you away from lip balm

or just to go Lip Balm Anonymous

4. The Freecycle Network…

This is a great little service – we’ve used it and swear by it. so easy – think a peer-to-peer inorganic collection…and this non-profit web service where you can give away and get free stuff now has over 8 million members.

So you pick your part of the city, register and hey presto – I gave away a couch just last week that would have hit landfill otherwise…each day emails hit your inbox on what’s on offer….from computers to a fish tank ‘with a small crack’…it’s all here.

The Freecycle Network

2. The Utter Geek Zone – UltraBooks

With Apple fast becoming the ‘new evil’…..(read this article then get back to us: Apple is evil. By the way it’s from the Guardian – so very, very righteous.) …. PC makers are getting seriously inventive…

Acer, Asus, Samsung, Lenovo, Toshiba have all released new laptops that are very thin, very light, with very long battery life and get this…take 7 seconds to boot up! AND come in at around US$1000 – Intel and the laptop makers are in sparring match at the moment before the first one ships as they are still a bit too pricey…

Intel (chip maker) has said a laptop can be called an Ultrabook if:
– 1.8kg or less
– 20mm thick or less,
– and have at least 5 hours battery life under intense use
– boots up in under 7 seconds.

Read more: Fortune
And for a video that make a Steven Segal soundtrack sound ‘reasonable’….watch this piece of  vapor. (by the way …it’s thanks to Macbook Air by the way that these exist)

2. Rudeness is Contagious…Why? Coz I said so ok!…

Now the evidence is in – rudeness is infectious. And we quote:

The rudeness (in the office) can spread like a virus, through a ripple effect that may ultimately impact on their personal relationships and other businesses.

So just to bring us down even more when this week the NZ Herald published the statistic that half Kiwis want to quit their jobs… people who had experienced workplace rudeness were more likely to encounter work/family conflicts and more marital issues.

Read more: Baylor University Study

1. Heavy week dude… global crisis, non-insuring Christchurch…so let’s put some pure, perfect, pop lightness into it…

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