Howie’s Hot Five for…29 September, 2011

5. Self-serve supermarket checkouts – there’s a conspiracy brewing…

It’s Number 5 -only because we want to get this out there!!!

Now we love using the supermarket self-checkout on College Hill (or the fashion show as we call it) ….but we see a conspiracy brewing.

Way back…yes way back in August 2011 the Sydney Morning Herald had this great report:

Self-service checkouts: are bad apple scan cheats going bananas?

– Have you ever been tempted to put through pine-nuts at $15/kilo as say raisins at $1.17/kilo

– Ever thrown a fistful of garlic in with your spuds

The head-honchos in this article denied ‘any shrinkage levels’…however a forensic psychologist specialising in shoplifting suspected a ‘huge chunk’ of population was at it.

And now this from Time Magazine:

Bagging the self-checkout at Supermarket already?

As 16% of shoppers use them (only) they’re thinking of doing away with them…

hmmmm we think there’s something else going on-shoppers are ripping of the supermarkets.

4. Bike Action Now!

We got caught up last weekend on our bikes with the 350 Aotearoa Group… you know what these crazy mothers were doing – cycling! In Auckland!  Check them out here:

Further to our Next Bike We like this trend – people on bikes in Auckland…

And it gets slightly better as Auckland City Council has just published an official map with all the bike lanes on it… only thing is you have to request a copy (not on line – what’s up with that) anyway here is the link: Bike Lanes Request or call  (09) 355 3553
And note: Jacobs Ladder has opened again –  so joining Ponsonby – St Mary’s Bay with downtown/Fanshawe St.

3. Bedbugs…the movie

Love this from New York – cinema goers  are now taking plastic seat coverings to movies to put on the seats!

For the past years bedbugs have been taking New York by storm… including expensive hotels…as they say bedbugs are an equal opportunity nipper – with the massive Nike-Town store and Google offices having infestations… and man do they bite!
At last count there were nearly 30,000 infestations and counting.

The supposed reason for ‘return of the bed bug is the banning of the toxic chemical DDT. Others says it’s because we are travelling more so bringing them back from far-flung bed-bug places.

Full story and bed bug resource

2. Daylight Saving – just the facts:

For those who love facts – there’s a Daylight Savings Facts page by those crazy bunch of guys The Department of Internal Affairs

We are early adoptoers with daylight saving was first advocated in 1895… the poor guy who advocated it was ridiculed. (know how he feels Dr Brash – talk sense get knocked down etc).

Then we have the tenacious Sir Thomas Sidey who for 20 years introduced private members bills in Parliament to ‘get it on’ finally hitting paydirt in 1927.

1. The best kept secret on non-downloaded TV…

Created by the brains behind Blackadder, Spitting Image and Not the Nine O’clock News… intelligent, funny TV…makes you proud to be British.

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