Howie’s Hot Five for… 5 October, 2011

5. Greeting Cards for the…recently unemployed

A sign of the times…statements like ‘when Greece finally defaults…well there’s people involved and in the US with unemployment hitting 9% (read millions). So Hallmark have woken up to the age of needing pithy help for unemployed friends:

“Don’t think of it as losing your job. Think of it as a time-out between stupid bosses.”

Yep, it’s the age of the greeting card for the newly unemployed.

4. Seriously cool good-guy-super Dude

Ok, we at HH5 admit it …as wee tykes fresh out of the bath in our flannelette pj’s we’d be all set to watch Happy Days!…and it ran for 10 years…so were were close to 20 when it finished.

But who knew that Henry Winkler got an Order of the British Empire for childhood learning… and all due to the fact that he’s dyslexic which drove him to write a book series for children with learning difficulties.

Hank Zipzer the world’s greatest underachiever  – is his book series based on his battle with dyslexia .. and he only found out he was dyslexic at 31!

The books are New York Times Bestseller and Winkler spent time visiting schools for several years in the UK.

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy… But he did jump the shark…

3. Coupon Discount Site FATIGUE

Grabone, Groupy, Groupon, Daily Deal, and we keep forgetting the name of the one advertised on TV by a TV3 newsreader  – anyway is their time up?

Are we punters simply a bunch of pimps our for the cheapest deal with no thought of ever darkening that door again unless there’s a huge slashing of prices?

Here’s what retailers in the US are waking up and thinking about discount email-deal sites:

The consumers were being told: You will never pay full price again. The merchants were hearing: You are going to get new customers who will stick around and pay full price…. Disappointment was inevitable

Bottom line… there’s no loyalty… and a university research paper has shown customers via coupons are harder to please and end up criticising the retailer online.

By the way Groupon – the US inventor company of all this turned down an offer of $6 Billion from Google for their company. They turned it down.

Here’s a great overview article in the New York Times

2.Bike Bait… oh, lookout!

The University of Minnesota is having all the wrong bike problems – thieves are sometimes cleaning out entire stands of bikes.

So the ‘campus police’ – we love that term – anyway they are placing bikes with GPS tracking devices or bike bait  – so the can follow the signal to the thieves ‘lair’… gotta love it.

Question: since we know ….won’t the thieves also now know…hmmm …riddle me that etc etc.

1. Feist is back… we Feist Fans say yeah

Feist, the five Grammy award-winning French Candian chanteuse is back with her soon to be released album Metals…so to celebrate we’re rocking Feist on Sesame Street…

But here’s our favourite…Mushaboom

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