Howie’s Hot Five for…12 October, 2011

Great to see Queen Charlotte back in the chair this week – so now it’s on with the countdown….(as Casey Kasem used to say)

5. Sometimes the old guys have still got it….

but this video has to be listened to – to be believed!!!

By the way he spent $50,000 pounds on this wedding reception – about the cost of Heather Mill’s wedding dress when she ‘took Paul up the aisle’.

4. Let the Jobs search begin…

STOP PRESS: Sony Pictures (they who made Social Network) have brought the rights to Steve Jobs – the official biography.

These bods are being talked about – one is a total left fielder… and one has already played the i-guy.  And who would write it…why but Aaron Sorkin of course – of A Few Good Men, The West Wing and of course Social Network.   As he and Steve Jobs were good phone buddies after Sorkin said in an interview ‘everything I’ve written has been on a Mac’.

and… the ER guy who’s already played him…

Source: First Post, UK
     The Daily Beast

3. Brian Edward’s Blog  – the old labour PR’er and warhorse’s blog makes good reading…

Intelligence in the blogosphere!

For 2 reasons:

1. He’s so bloody opinionated. Yippeee! And it’s cutting but mostly well argued opinion – and he makes no bones about where he’s coming from unlike many other hired ‘talking heads’.

2. The great comments-feedback he gets – some very well argued and who do a good job in bringing him up on several of his firm views – and then cutting little opinions between the various followers – a good read.

e.g. This BE is giving out his occasional series of Bouquets and Brickbats

Source: Brian Edwards Blog

2.Vegivore anyone…

Here’s the perfect word to drop at your next cocktail party  …oh,  but I’ a vegivore darling….
and here’s the slogan to accompany it with “vegetables are the new meat”.

Hipsters in New York and San Fran are all turning ‘vegivore… with restaurants now popping up that make the vegetables the star and meat the side-player…

The definition of vegivore (NY Magazine) is: a term that connotes fervid vegetable love rather than ardent meat hate.

Some commentators say we can thank farmers markets as the great unwashed are getting up close with many more varieties of vege…

Source: NY Magazine + Slideshow of Union Square Ny.Ny Market

1. Lets talk alcohol and Anglo-Saxons – what a mix

Wander into Auckland’s ‘Party Central’ (lame name) at the right time and you’ll see hundreds of under and over thirties rolling around totally “chemically inconvenienced”– out of their nuts!. Howie’s Hot Five wandered through there on the open of the RWC with 55 Argentines who on seeing the bedlam were aghast, shocked and yes, stunned!

So what is up when we (Australian, NZers, English etc) have a drink we have to start at the front of the liquor cabinet and we don’t stop until we hit the back wall.

We may have an answer – From a social anthropologist

” Pick up any newspaper and you will read that we are a nation of loutish binge-drinkers – that we drink too much, too young, too fast – and that it makes us violent, promiscuous, anti-social and generally obnoxious.”

Here’s where it gets interesting:

 Basically we’re too busy blaming the chemicals – while other cultures don’t. You see we automatically associate drinking with losing inhibitions, aggression, promiscuity and violence – while Latins and Mediterraneans don’t!  For these people it’s just exists as part of life…..even thought they have similar consumption statistics.

In tests – tell people they are drinking alcohol and they’ll act in a different way (even though there’s no alcohol… and a cultural shift will come from young people not being scared of alcohol but frankly bored by it.

Worth a read: BBC News Magazine Kate Fox, Anthropologist

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