Howie’s Hot Five for…20th October, 2011

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5.  You don’t want to talk to me in the morning before I’ve had my placebo…

We are fixated here at HH5 on the power of the mind and that word ‘placebo’- and we’d stick out neck out and say it’s the reason for the success of many a kookie ‘self-help’ alternative medicine theory.

Last week it was the Anglo-Saxon’s brain and alcohol – how we expect to get ‘pished’ so when told it’s alcohol (when it’s not) ah, well, we feel ‘pished’ anyway…

This week the stuff that white people love – Coffee!!! Stuff White People Like #1

“You do NOT want to see me before I get my morning coffee.”

STOP PRESS: It’s all in ya mind. (or could be)

Take nearly 400 self-confessed coffee addicts between 18-47 -deprive them of coffee for a while then tell them they’re all being given coffee each morning – but actually only half are. All felt very up and said that darn coffee man I need it!

The Finding: No you don’t. All reported ‘it picked me up mate’ while those who got decaffeinated still said that BUT did a whole lot better on a series of concentration-based tests.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

4.Ozzy Osbourne’s Advice for Life…

What’s your favourite children’s book?

Anything with pictures. I’m very dyslexic, so I ain’t exactly one to be reading theHarry Potter books to my grandkids. They’d be drawing a f—ing pension by the time we got to the end of the first chapter.

How does someone get off the crazy train?

In a pine box, usually. I mean, a few years ago, I went to the funeral of a guy I knew who’d died of cirrhosis of the liver. The second the ceremony was over, everyone went straight down the pub to get blasted on Guinness. It was like a race to see which one of us could be next. That was just before I made the decision to finally get sober.

PS. He’s recorded a version of Born to Be Wild with Miss Piggyfor Kermit Unpigged.

Source: The Daily Beast

3. Spin Cycling…

Fastest growing fitness craze on US Eastern Seaboard is – Studio Cycling

The main company Flywheel – is busy trying to raise more capital as so many are suddenly doing it their bikes are wearing out too fast due to the huge amounts of sweat dripping into the mechanics.  The company started 20 months ago and now has 7 locations…

You’ve got your choice – Flywheel – sporty, competitive or SoulCycyle – ‘more yoga’with the studios being candlelit.

This is classed as ’boutique fitness’ and is taking on yoga and pilates…as you pay for classes rather than that ghastly business model – ‘contracts’….BTW demand for Gym personal trainers is in decline.

2. Men in the military are eyebrow grooming….

You want to read any news story which starts: Military Rules Forbid a Pluck Too Far; Some Try ‘Threading’ for Perfect Arch

The craze amongst US military in Afghanistan is male soldiers with eyebrows professionally shaped into slender arches. Yep – Eyebrow shaping.

Using a straight-edge razor, the barber sculpts his eyebrows into thin arches, tapering into points at the flanks.

And this bit we love:

These threaded, plucked or shaved young soldiers are proving befuddling to an older generation of bushier warriors. Army regulations are silent on the subject of male eyebrows, except to say that one’s hair must not reach so far south.”

Read it here: Wall Street Journal

1. Best job in TV = The Soundtracker for…

Entourage, Treme, True Blood – are all pretty hip and they always have a perfect little ‘just unkown’ enough song to end each programme to leave you in a state of ahhhh that is so right…while the credits role and you make a date in your head to watch it next week.

You’ve got the soundtracker to thank… the hip dude at the moment is Scott Vener or ‘Broke Mogul’   His job…to know the hottest old and new music and get it in the show.

His advice – he lives on the Net following blogs etc and ‘never be too obvious.

And the song he’s dribbling over at the moment on his blog  is:

Source: Wired Magazine

Also follow this dude on

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