Howie’s Hot Five for… 27 October, 2011

5. Drop Out and… money up

Great little article in NY Times this week entitled “Will Dropouts Save America”…

The Captains of the Dropouts-Losers Club

Steve Jobs – Dropout = Apple
Bill Gates – Dropout = Microsoft
Mark Zuckerberg – Dropout = Facebook
Biz Stone + 2 others – Dropouts = Twitter
Larry Ellison – Dropout = Oracle
Ted Turner – Dropout = CNN
(25 of the US Billionaires are dropouts)

The National Bureau of Economic Research  – in detailed research found it’s not small businesses – but small business Start Ups that are creating new jobs. AND the formal job market (resumes, job interviews, ads etc) only accounts for 20% of the job market!

And schools are all about exams then you get an MBA (But I’ve got an MBA!) –Not teaching skills like sales, networking, creativity and comfort with failure… but dropouts on the other hand know this stuff especially the failure bit…

For more reading: NY Times
The Education of Millionaires: It’s Not What You Think and It’s Not Too Late
by Michael Ellsberg

4. Dropbox… it’s a rave

If you haven’t heard or used Dropbox….it’s time – and you haven’t heard it from us, but what a wonderful way to send music and movies to your mates…  especially now where you have to deal with Android, Ipad, iPhone oh, and a computer.

Dropbox… sits ‘out there’ and makes it easier now than ever to just drop stuff in it so you can access that dance track on your girlfriend’s, flatmate’s Ipad…capeche?

– An Italian watch designer shares designs with their joint designer in Argentina
– Haitian relief workers kept up-to-date records of deceased on Dropbox
– Law students file notes on it in case their laptop gets nicked

Just the facts:
This week valued at – $4 Billion
Number of staff: 70
Number of customers: 5o million users and adding one every second
Fun fact: Will I. Am and David Guetta wrote a song sharing beats and ideas on Dropbox:
(I Got a Feeling) – (lame song…sorry)

AND allows you see your stuff (music, movies, photos etc)  from any device.…and get extra storage if you refer people to use it.

Starts with free storage in the cloud – and then you’re hooked.(96% are free users)

Back-story: Dropbox Will Simplify Your Life

3. Good things come from being a jerk at work?

No Eitquette…the new trend…

A woman decided to ‘never thank’ and never apologies programme and she got respect…

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has found that disagreeableness in the workplace pays off…especially for women!

The journalist decided to make two small changes: no chipper ‘thanks’ and no apologies – verbally and in emails.  In fact edited out all nice phrases from her emails.

The effect was immediate: Colleagues began to treat me with more respect.

What’s more the journalist found she gain more inner confidence….

Source: Why Being a Jerk Pays Off

2.  Mexican in Kingsland…

Highlight of the NZRWC  –  El Camino! Tiny, slightly rustic, laid back – non-spanky Auckland place…. just go. What a breath of fresh air not to be served by usual surly Auckland waitron… the young woman working here has that rare combination for an Auckland waitress – personality and delightfully natural …

Made the whole ‘game night’ atmosphere even better.

El Camino Facebook Page

1. Willy Nelson and Arlo Guthrie’s Daughters… are playing on the road again…

This week touring Australia are the daughters of Messrs Nelson and Guthrie’s  – and they sound a hoot. The band is Folk Uke…Amy Nelson and Cathy Guthrie

We were worried we might suck and not want everybody to look at us.” Pause. ”Then we realised no one was paying attention anyway, so we’re fine.”

PLAY VIDEO HERE (Shit makes the flowers grow)

Source: Folk Uke Profile

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