Howie’s Hot Five… for 3 November, 2011

Wow ..what a week – 7 billion of us and I’m off to Buenos Aires and The Andes for a three weeks…

5. Geek Hackers vs Mexican Drug Cartels…

Every time we read something like this we think…the time of Bladerunner is finally here …

A international group of hackers is now going head-to-head with the most powerful group of bad-asses in the world – a Mexican drug cartel…who’ responsible for thousands of murders and favours be-headings.

Enter the Anonymous Hacker group from Veracruz, Mexico who has a member of the kidnapped in an anti-drugs demonstration by the Cartel. (Aren’t those V for Vendetta masks scary!)

The Geeks have said …’we’ll bring you down’. They are vowing to release name of crooked journalists as well as cartel member names….let the games begin.

If this ain’t a Tom Cruise movie – we don’t know what is!

Source: The Washington Post

4. Bait and Hook Hombres – caused by man shortage…

The Atlantic Monthly started it…and the Sydney Morning Herald’s  love columnist ‘Ask Sam’  backed its claims… so here goes…

The Atlantic published a story called All The Single Ladies by Kate Bolik…

“Recent years have seen an explosion of male joblessness and a steep decline in men’s life prospects that have disrupted the “romantic market” in ways that narrow a marriage-minded woman’s options: increasingly, her choice is between deadbeats (whose numbers are rising) and playboys (whose power is growing).”

Now this is what the Aussie columnist is extrapolating…

Single, randy men have discovered that, with so many of these “hopeless” women desperate to get hitched to just about anyone, their chances of a pick-up have never been easier.

You see, when a man tells a woman that he wants to settle down, get married and have kids … and tells her on the first night, on the first date or very early on in the courtship process (yes, it happens), it’s like balm to a woman’s ears.

Ladies beware…! the newest form of “bait ‘n’ hook” on the dating block – the new, fool-proof pick-up line that modern men have realised will be guaranteed to get them attention, a second date and, most importantly, to get them laid the fastest.

How to spot the bait and switch merchants?  The bigger his bank account the less interested he is in commitment.

In fairness we need to quote email feedback to the SMH article…

Love the hypocrisy of women. No wonder i don’t bother. Yep, we are all deadbeats or playboys, and all you women are just perfect stepford wives material.
At least i will never be some woman’ slave. Have fun with your cats, and drinking $15 breezers in those wank city bars with your dull sex in the city clones for mates.

Sources:  The Atlantic
    The Sydney Morning Herald

3. Porches and Greece – now here’s a conundrum…

Fact 1: There are more Porches registered in Greece than taxpayers who declare more than €50, 000 (NZ$80,000) Euros a year in tax.

Fact 2: Larisa is a rural city of 250,000 has more Porches per head of population that New York or London.

Fact 3: The Germans are not happy (Germans of course make the Porches and are bailing Greece).

Source: The Telegraph

2. The good oil on a new Auckland cafe…

At intersection of Garnet Road and Westend Rd in Westmere there were two ok cafes… we saw a third open on the ‘fast bend’ where once just an ok but failed bar was…. another cafe opened…oh no we thought…. but it was oh YES! We love Cafe Catroux – quality – service – good value…yes reasonable, so not the usual rapacious rip-offs we Aucklanders are so well educated in accepting…. just go!

Info: Cafe Catroux

1.  The guaranteed feel-good tear jerker documentary of the year

The voice of Elmo on Sesame Street is a 51 year old, six foot tall African American man who’s dream from primary school was to be a puppeteer on Sesame Street…his story…

He took on Elmo who was failing as a puppet and turned him into youngest viewers favourite creature….Tickle Me Elmo!

Source: LA TIMES

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