Howie’s Hot Five for…1 December, 2011

OK, we’re back…

5.  It’s not the music – it’s how you look listening…

‘What we listen to is becoming irrelevant …it’s how we listen’… (stereo peripherals business executive).  Queue hipsters walking around all day and night with headphones around their necks (anyone remember sunglass on heads….all ‘night’ long)

HMV, once a heavyweight UK music seller is now selling gadgets and plenty of headphones…with CDs and DVD floorspace being given away to gadgets.

Sales of headphones are up 80% and in US over holiday season one pair will be purchased every minutes with Dr Dre’s being No.1 choice and Dre means business. Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has just paid $300 million for a 51% stake in his headphones biz… .at US$300 a pair try these babies right here…

(one tech reviewer has said the sound is extraordinarily bad but that hasn’t stopped them selling like hotcakes) Rappers Ludacris and 50 Cent have also produced their own lines and now the suing has commenced on infringement of patents etc. And Jimmy Iovine whose idea it was to invest with Dre says you can thank crappy, compressed music for the jump in headphones.

More info: Dr Dre’s Monster Headphones

4. Niche Dating…Internet dating is so, well, just so general…

Fact: US$4 Billion is the value of the internet dating industry.

But where to go if you have that ‘detailed list’ of needs, wants and likes… you go niche! – the site for rural people.
Lucy: “I’m obsessed with chocolate box villages and long walks. I moved to the Peak District and got involved with the Conservative Party. I wanted to meet someone who hadn’t been married before and has had a private education. Nick emailed me and said he loves rugby and shoots.” and and, um, ah
Linda: “I was very specific. I wanted to weed out the rubbish – no one unemployed, couldn’t live at home with his parents, couldn’t be a smoker, no children, no alcohol, no drugs, had to be clean, had to love animals and had to really like cats…and didn’t like going to the pub.”
“Our first meeting was at a service station, where I knew if it got weird I could get out and he wouldn’t know which car I’d come in.” a site for connecting with people in the armed forces.
Ellen: “It was a British pride thing, speaking to people who were away serving our country, and supporting them. Bradley sent me a message and he made me laugh.”

Article Source: The Telegraph

3. I’m so stressed, I’m working harder than ever (yawn)

We are working longer hours than ever – fact or fiction?


“Over the last 10 years the proportion of us working long hours has been dropping.” says Professor Mark Wooden of the Australian Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research…who’s

research the link between hours of work and life satisfaction: There is none!

People may complain but that doesn’t mean they really want to work less hours … it’s all just part of the general whining for some.

And the adage: technology is eating into private time? “Crap again – according to the Prof ‘people allow this to happen’. Those who don’t have smartphones.”

2. Gum chewing is brainy…

It’s unclear why but chewing gum has a positive effect on your mental state…

159 Students – a battery of tests (e.g. repeating random numbers back) – half chewing half not… Result: Those randomly assigned to chew gum all outperformed those who did not chew gum in 5 of the 6 tests.

BUT – positive effects only last 20 minutes -after that chewers and non-chewers are equal.

1. The new spirit of Argentina…

Howie’s Hot Five spends a lot of time in Buenos Airesand we’ve spent a lot of late nights at a place that can only be explained as a massive run-down warehouse full of punks, tattoos and tango dancers… it’s out there – and one night six months ago at 2 am in the morning this woman got up and took our hearts away….  She is the perfect symbol for the ‘new Argentina’ a country that’s been ravaged by dictatorships, hpyerinflation, banks going bankrupt, a country going bankrupt…oh and a dirty war in the ’70 where thousands were executed… but now there is a wonderful,  young creative community that is simply ‘wow’.

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