Howie’s Hot Five for… 2 February 2012

5 Are you and Owl or a Lark – beware!

Lark – morning you’re wide awake baby!
Owls – night time is the right time dude

So you’d think  you’d give a Lark a test in the morning  – yeah good for maths tests BUT… to think outside the box an Owl’s optimum thinking creative time is in the morning…and a Lark it’s in the evening.

So for Larks – give them puzzles, or creative problems at night

Listen to the BBC interview here (go to time segment 13:30)

And to really get provocative, that august periodical Psychology Today after sampling a large population of young Americans concluded that Owls on the whole were the more intelligent members of the population…

“more intelligent children grow up to be more nocturnal as adults than less intelligent children.”

And get this finding:

 Those with a childhood IQ of less than 75 (“very dull”) go to bed around 23:41 on weeknights in early adulthood, whereas those with a childhood IQ of over 125 (“very bright”) go to bed around 00:29.

Source: Psychology Today

4. What Australians really think of us…

We’ve been reading the Sydney Morning Herald regularly for nigh on 20 years (everyday in last 8 years thanks to the ‘Internets’)… and my God! the Aussies print regular stories with the subtext ‘what a strange, fuddie-duddie , cute bunch of wee things those kiwis are …here’s the latest from this week. From the ‘travel section’.

Heading: Topless woman sparks police visit to beach

Lead: A pair of boobs at Opunake beach in New Zealand sparked an official police visit to the normally peaceful stretch of sand yesterday afternoon.

Last Line: “I can only say this: Our main concern is that you swim between the flags whether you are clothed or in the nude.”

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

3. 16year-old Kiwi lauded in this month’s Fast Company

It’s the second time this young man from Wellington has been interviewed in Fast Company – the last time was to report he’d been the first inductee into a Digital Life Academy for young digital thinkers.

Why! Because by 16 years of age he’d founded to interesting-kick ass websites:

They Don’t Teach You This In School – a video website featuring one minute videos with leaders and thinkers that asks them simple question on what they wished they’d known when they were younger.
Duo – a site where you and a friend or a group of friends can post notes, phone numbers, photos, messages and anything that represents memories of your friendship. (He created this as he had never ever received a handwritten letter)

2. The year of the vending machine…

For those of you who went to Rhythm and Vines and are off to Splore you’ll have a chance to re-charge your smartphone at a kiosk outfit called ‘Recharge Pod’

In France you can now get a fresh baguette of bread from vending machine  – clever baker has installed one outside his shop so he can keep selling fresh even while he sleeps.

And now in Spain fishmongers have established a vending machine that sells fresh seafood including sardines, anchovies, hake and shrimp! The same outfit has been asked by fishermen to sell fish bait out of their vending machine for those early morning risers… this is the future!

Japan: Asahi have vending machines that sell beer and wifi
China: vending machines that allow you to buy snacks paying via smartphone
India: Vending machines dispense fresh milk to cut lines while waiting in shops to be served
USA: vending machine now available to mix custom milkshakes to order

USA: This Swap-o-matic vending machine allows you to donate or swap stuff you don’t want for stuff you want…

Source: Springwise

1. You’re watching a hip TV show and…

A very cool tune comes on and you go – damn who sings that, what is that… you ask around and get nowhere – well here’s where to go TUNE FINDthe largest online directory of music heard on TV shows.

Season 2, Episode 3 of How to Make it in America;  Cam gets his own apartment away from his Puerto Rican family and as the camera pans out across Hudson River this is the soundtrack that captures his utter excitement…

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