Howie’s Hot Five for…9 February, 2012

5. French Parenting vs American Technology…

Ok, big news for the high paid, aspirational American parents this week has been a story in the Wall Street Journal about the French having superior parenting skills (aren’t all  better parent books best sellers – remember the Tiger Mother (new yorker article) phenom last year, word, parenting= money). So last year it was Chinese parenting is superior… this year…

If you’re too lazy to read the book…here we go:

  • French kids relaxed and quiet – American kids noisy and whine
  • French kids eat what parents eat – American kids have sensitive likes and dislikes
  • French kids sleep through night from 2-3 years old – American kids don’t …ever
  • French kids hear ‘no’ and don’t collapse – American kids etc

Single proposition:
French are less ‘perfect child obsessed’ and don’t angst over parenting skills and philosophy – French kids adapt to grown up world – e.g. in the evening it’s allowed for parents to say this is adult time.

Meanwhile on the other side… Don’t Cry Baby, Mum and Dad are always watching …  at a very recent technology this was unveiled.

Yep… High Definition baby monitoring to your I Phone …24/7 baby!

4. The Most Annoying Tweet Ever Written…


‘Who gives a tweet’ is a year’s worth of analysis by guys from M.I.T and Georgia Tech.  They got 43000 crowd sourced responses along lines of +ve -ve and neutral etc.

People don’t care what you are having for lunch or that you are cleaning your house etc.

For many twitter is now a real-time news wire… e.g. a recent strong earthquake in San Fran – twitter beat all traditional news outlets by a full 9 minutes.

Currently 40% of tweets aren’t worth reading..Source: The Atlantic

3. Dinner for one please James…

Fact: More people live alone now than at any other time in history.

40% in Atlanta, Denver, Seattle, San Fransisco, and Minneapolis  = live alone
50% in Paris
60% in Sweden
and.. fastest growing ‘living solo’ populations are China, India and Brazil.
… and it seems to encourage more social interaction not less….friends neighbours, restaurants, classes… and it gets better – survey of older ‘lone rangers’ found they had more outgoing life than their married peers.   (15 million between 34-65 live solo)

AND…thank God/Allah for technology!

Source: The NY Times

2. Our App of the week…

Ok, we don’t have a scanner of a faxy thingy…but we have jotnot… for just $2.50 we purchased this app that allows us to scan a book page or even better that rare time you need to sign and then email a page…

N.b. magic is that once you load a page up on the pc screen it’s so easy to read!

Source: NY Times

1. Ok…we can’t resist the Lana del Ray conflab…

This week announced Lana baby won’t be touring ‘anytime’ soon… so we’ve found someone who can fill in for her…admirably… This young singer threw up her version of Video Games and whoa…it’s taken off

And here she is interviewed and playing Video Games on Irish Radio One…

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