Howie’s Hot Five for… 16 February 2012

5. Pinterest…yep it’s the next big social ‘thing’…

This is truly phenomenal… and tipped already as 2012 hottest start-up.

Simple Definition: You can create a pin-board of all the wonderful beautiful thing you find on your internet browsings.  e.g. Wedding Planners love it as it helps them sell their services … allows you to share your inspirations.

It’s VISUAL and females and creatives love VISUAL…go it!  (new shoes, new hairdo’s, new kitchens, artworks). So enter retailer, clothes designers presenting their wares in a sexy storyboard format.

Just the facts:
Number of employees: 12
Raised $US$38 million from October 2011
58% of users are female
97% of pinterest fans are females (followers of Pinterest boarders)
Users: 10 million monthly unique visitors
Daily users growing at 145% per day

Big fact: Pinterest is generating more referral traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined!

Source: Pinterest

4. A taxi service just for the little darlings…

Remember the school bus…you take it home then go and read a comic in your before dinner…hmmm, think again… and welcome to…

Fleurette Kids Taxis just transport kids – and aimed at ensuring your little darling gets from ballet to hip hop dance classes on time… simple as that…oh and guitar classes on Tuesdays and Gym class on Wednesday etc. (very Auckland we feel)

3.  Howie’s Hot Five Tip… laptop fans…

By fans we mean that whirring sound that keeps your baby cool. So during humid weather some laptops start to really make a horrible endless whirring sound and heat up something horrible.

Ok first up – DON’T use your laptop on a cushion or anywhere it can pick up lint…you see if fan whirring is likely simply to be a build up of dust and lint evidently.

Second, if you fan is really whirring and your laptop is getting really hot – buy a can of compressed air from local computer shop and get their advice on applying it… (even better use airbed compressor foot pumps to GENTLY blow out all the shite that gets trapped…you’ll save yourself have to buy a new laptop because of a meltdown)

This computer guy is great!

2. Are you Vaguebooking me…you are aren’t you…

If you use say, Facebook you’ll definitely know the ‘art of vaguebooking and it’s IRRITATING…

To vaguebook is to make a deliberately vague update in Facebook aimed at prompting friends to go ‘why, what’s happened’.

Here’s some real life examples:

‘I’m so mad right now!’

‘I’m confused right now’

‘Why only me?’

1. Sony UK music hikes Whitney Houston prices…

I wonder why one downloads….

Last week Sony Music raised its prices on all its Whitney Houston catalogue within hours or her death. (lovely pack of basxards eh?)

But wait, they now say it ‘was a mistake’.

And now for the mash-up so Whitney can be enjoyed by the under 21 set…here goes…

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