Howie’s Hot Five for…23 February, 2012

5. The New Pavlova Palaver – Flat White

Is the Flat White a New Zealand or an Australian invention?

Two sides of the Tasman 2 Stories…

Flat and Fabulous…and Australian  Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Kiwi Flat White Goes Global Source: Stuff/Dominion

Recent Sydney M Herald article sweats with Aussie pride at as ‘New York catches Flat White Fever’…
“Flat white…is says Australia’
In Tribeca Hugh Jackman has shares in a cafe called the Laughing Man ‘try our flat white’ he says.

In Williamburg Australians go to a hip cafe and say ‘Mate I’ve been here eight years and I haven’t had a decent flat white the whole time’.

BUT.. The New Zealand version covered in a Stuff Article in 2010 centres on how Kiwis are ‘steaming the London with their flat whites.  And mentions the DKD Auckland cafe who claims to have invented the Flat White… He was interviewed on Radio NZ a few months back and he said.. “We were sitting around thinking guys won’t want to order a Latte so let’s make up a name…ah flat white’…seem easier for them say.

4. You step up to a normal phone, reach out to dial …and nothing!

Great story in the LA Weekly about a guy who got arrested in Santa Monica, wasn’t allowed to make a phone call until he was transferred to LA County Jail … was freaking as he was a diabetic so needed to get bail… eventually got to a payphone… reached out to dial a number (collect) paused…and nothing.

Cos he now relies on his cell phone the guy hadn’t memorised a number in years… and fixed phone lines getting rare in the US …and you can’t place a collect call to a cell phone! This guy got lost in the system for five days.


3. Kickstarter does 3 $1 million projects in two weeks…

Arts festivals, self-published books, recording time, shipping container performance space…they’ve all raised pledges online via the site Kickstarter…

This is social media at its most brilliant. Simple. as. that.


  • 44% of projects on Kickstarter succeed.
  • 89% of pledgers have funded a successful project
  • We are talking complete strangers in most instances seeing a project and say ‘i want to support that’.
  • A lovey illustrated book project on ‘where babies come from’ but covering all the possibilities (adoption, surrogate) for parents to read children raised $35,0000…only wanted $9500…but caught pledgers imaginations.
  • Most recently; The Stick and Double Fine Adventures…and this guy raised $1million in one day….(Raised $2 million in total – pledgers get to see the game being made and get input)… a ‘point and click old fashioned computer game…

Source: Venturebeat


<Hypocrisy in Hollywood
Created by: Paralegal

1. Rip-off hotels in hip cities have been put on notice…
The Idea:  Airbnb connects people looking for places to stay to those with floor space, rooms and entire apartments or houses to rent.

Success Point: Obama Democratic Convention in Denver when ‘everyone young’ wanted to be be there.  People listed their accommodation on AirBnB and this really sent them global.

They’ve just this month rolled out in Russia… and 5 million guests nights have been brought throughout the world thus far.

AirBnB currently has 100,000 listings in 19,000 cities in 192 countries

(n.b. HH5 has just used AirBnB to book New York and Berlin!)

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