Howie’s Hot Five for…8th March, 2012

5.  Best Startup Launch Video Ever!!!!

This video was loaded on Youtube three days ago and has been watched over 600.000 times – the company is a year old and has big, big backers …have had a check written to them for $1 million… (Youtube will be the new television by 2013-14…see the New Yorker Article below)

Disruption marketing – capital D! For $1 you get razors shipped to your house. This answers so many needs – razors are overpriced monopoly by the grocery giants … men hate buying razors… $1 a month shipped to your door (plus shipping)

And the guy in the video really is the boss of the company – that’s cool.

PS. One problem…this campaign is so successful their site can’t keep up with demand…danger danger danger…

[Youtube] has recruited producers, publishers, programmers, and performers from traditional media to create more than a hundred channels, most of which will début in the next six months—a sort of YouTV. (the war with TV has started – with all TVs now produced having Wifi inbuilt – and today Youtube has 800 million unique users per month with 48 hours of new video uploaded very minute!)

Must Read: New Yorker
Source: Techcrunch

4. Noise – please be gone…

Mark our words – there will be more stories like this one (In January HH5 said 2012 is the year of noise backlash):

This guy is a holding a phone jammer he’s been carrying with him in Philadelphia to jam phones on the buses he rides on… to create mobile phone dead zones…

“A lot of people are extremely loud, no sense of just privacy or anything.” Eric the phone jammer

In New Zealand – it’s cafes! New hip cafe in Grey Lynn…. you cannot year yourself think simply with the bad acoustics…

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

3. Calling all new indie bands – take note

Rather than dish out CDs or LPs (retro) you can buy their single as a poster or a postcard… simply with the download card which they have taken great care to design …so it’s groovy.

2. Facebooks on a plane…ahhhhhh!

The Atlantic Monthly sums it up: So: A service that’s social, but also anti-social, and that’s friendly, but also snobby, and that’s practical, but also creepy. Seems about right…. Meet and Seat!

We thought Facebook was starting to tire…but wait – businesses are now designing services around facebook… e.g.KLM has started it’s Meet & Seat program  – allows passengers before flight to upload their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles and then see profiles of others …and then select like-minded profiles  to sit next to- so people…network … or as the Forbes Article say – ‘parents can form a kid colony…singles a soul mate.”

The downside…we think…people want privacy!

1. RIP – The fulla behind most translated and one of the most played songs in the world RIP

For those of a certain age – a trip to the cinema at a certain stage in life to see Mary Poppins is up there with the experience of hearing Abbey Road, Are You Experienced and Never Mind the Bollocks…

Robert B Sherman – and his brother penned Chim Chim Cheree and scores for Jungle Book, Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and of course Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  Songs had to be simple, singable and sincere…

But what a way to make a dime…sitting down with your bro and writing simple to the ear but complex tunes.

Btw – Robert Sherman was one of the first soldiers to enter The Dachau Concentration Camp…

Ohhh and Ringo Starr singing You’re Sixteen was one of Mr Shermans…

Source: The Australian

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2 Responses to Howie’s Hot Five for…8th March, 2012

  1. sticknz says:

    As always, Howie looks over the horizon earlier than the rest of us. With regard to KLM’s idea, who actually knows who we want to sit beside anyway. Its the randomness of who and when you meet that’s half the appeal surely

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