Howie’s Hot Five for…15 March 2012

5.  24 hours of movie clips telling the time…It’s Art OK!

This is what blew the little HH5 minds this week…The Clock by Christian Marclay

An art installation that was first viewed in February 2011…that runs precisely the time of one day or 24 hours.

Each minute of the day is depicted by a movie clip with a watch, clock, time piece or someone expressing that exact time.

e.g at 6.03 Mr Banks from Mary Poppins is saying “It’s 6.03 and the heirs to my dominion are scrubbed, tubbed and adequately fed.”

or At 2:40 pm Harold Lloyd is hanging from the clock. (So the scene depicts the exact minute of the day you’re watching it)

Several renowned art galleries have purchased the work on a ‘time share’ setup – and its’ being called the perfect youtube mashup for the zeitgeist.

Viewers after repeated viewings are noticing trends such as all clips leading up to the top of the hour are about anticipation while all scenes after the hour are about regret.

Here is clip and the artist has asked that you watch it at 12:04 to respect the art work…

BTW it took two years and a team of interns to first find the clips, log them then edit this… 24 hour real time artwork.  And 12 am to 5 am is a crowd favourite.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal

4.  Rubber Giraffe 

Sophie the Giraffe is a teething toy 5 times more expensive the rest – and it’s selling for Africa and here’s why:

Nicole Ritchie, Miranda Kerr, Sandra Bullock, Isla Fisher etc etc.
And poisoned US toy scandals versus cute little French upmarket model.

And here’s the blurb: (BTW it’s French – so = fashion no? Made in small factory in eastern France)
Sophie’s squeaker keeps babies entertained, while her dark, hand painted spots are easy for developing eyes to see. Perhaps best of all would be her assistance in teething! Sophie is made of 100% rubber derived from the sap of a Hevea tree, and painted with food paint, so she is completely safe to chew, and chew babies will, on her horns, legs and ears! The pleased mothers talked, and as word of mouth spread Sophie went from being a French success, to a European success, to a world-wide success, with over 30 million sold to date! = That’ll be 25 US bucks rather than the average $5 for competing products.

3. The science of masseuses is in?

(This photo is legit: snake massage; six non-venomous snakes massaging the client’s aching muscles and joints -however we digress…

Forget the word pamper – here is the science of massage…
massage therapy;

  • Boosts immune function in women with breast cancer,
  • Improves symptoms in children with asthma
  • Increases grip strength in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome
  • On  littlest patients and premature babies, helped in the crucial task of gaining weight.
  • Definitely eases for long term – Back pain…
    this from The American College of Physicians

and National Institutes of Health, is currently spending $2.7 million on massage research… so argument now is why don’t health insurers cover massage?

One doctor is even studying massage for its effects on anxiety disorders.

Sources: National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (lots of research here for those with the more pointy-shaped domes)

2. You’ve heard of early education – well welcome to…

Very Early Education!

For NZ$4000 a month you can in New York City put your 2 year old into very early childhood centres populated by trained teachers… you see a Nanny just doesn’t cut it anymore… because the infant toddler years are learning years.

Hello The Children’s Creative Learning Centre – opened a month ago and are signing up children still in the belly.
“One-on-one care from a nanny is great, but are they trained in getting my child to certain milestones?” (parent quoted)

Source: Wall Street Journal

1. Guess what’s going out of print after 244 years…

32 Volumes and 58kg….no more. As they need to take on, gulp, Wikipedia.

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