Howie’s Hot Five for…26 April, 2012

HH5 has been tripping around the globe for the last month…LA-New York-Berlin-London…so here’s five hip things to while you’re out of Aotearoa… in no particular order..

Click here for Mp3-stream of this weeks show

5. Bruce! live in New Jersey.

What can we say – New Jersey and Bruce Springsteen Live. What we can say is that the man is a freak! Three hours of not just playing but PROJECTING.

He’s like some CEO – patting the backs of each of his 15 member band and seeing them off the stage at the end of the marathon. We were surrounded by Bruce disciples – some who’d seen him 100’s of times…in US parlance – ‘nice vibe’. Here’s a taster…

4. Allan Rickman at the Actor Chapel in New York City.

Example of what travel is all about – serendipity.
Reading the New York Times in a cafe and saw a free reading by actors to celebrate Dickens 200th Birthday…so ended up basking in Allan Rickman read the first chapter of Hard Times – ‘facts my boy, facts’

3. Stassi Prison in East Berlin…

Cycled way out into East Berlin to Gedenkstätte Hohenschönhausen (full name)

Area of prison –ex staff still live around it so ex-prisoners who guide get on the train at night and see or hear voices from their prison-horror days (years)

When the East Germans took over from the Russians in the 1950’s – the Stassi – decided that mental punishment was far superior to beatings etc  – so once in here you would get very, very little human interaction and never see another prisoner

BTW … up to four outfits in groovy Berlin have Kiwis and Australians serving ‘flat whites and long blacks’,  so little group of may we say ‘very serious’ coffee people working the cafes in Berlin.

2. La Isla Bonita Mexican Food Truck…

One block off the very hip Abbot Kinney Boulevard on Rose Avenue and 4th Avenue you’ll find La Isla Bonita. I was told this truck and it’s owners have been doing this for 40 years when they used to be called ‘roach coaches’.

If you are in LA just go! Two words ‘incredibly fresh’

Yelp detail here: La Isla Bonita

1. Patti Smith book readingJust Kids

A reading by Patti Smith at The Housing Works Books Store in the East Village…all the books are donated and all proceeds go to an AIDS  and Homelessness foundations…cool woman with right dollop of ‘kooky’ on top. She’s a huge fan of English murder TV like Midsomer Murders and Inspector Frost – who would have thought.

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