Howie’s Hot Five for…10 May, 2012

5. The future is Rdio

Well we’ve been trialling Rdio for the past week … and there-after we’ll pay US$10 per month for unlimited streaming – and pay slightly more to stream to smartphone or I pad… and it’s an ad-commercial free service.

What an easy and quite marvelous way to discover music (15 million songs)… there is heaps of choice, recommendations and playlists – N.B. If you’re more ‘indie’ the experts say Rdio beats Spotify… we love its simplicity. Hook your laptop to  your amplifier go, go, go,!

PS. The guys behind Rdio were also behind Kazaar and Skype…

More info here

4. Digital Radio… just bloody well do it!

Just across ‘The Ditch’ Digital Radio is on very cusp of taking off… Currently a digital radio is in 1 in 10 Australian homes.
Good digital radio is all about…

 less static, clearer sound, more stations and interactive features such as pause and rewind..(Sydney Morning Herald)

And as new cars are including them as the standard radios…get ready to rumble.

In NZ we have Concert, BassFM, NatRad, Concert, BBC Worldservice and George…

But its simply in Auckland and Wellington and is a trial by Kordia – are we slow?

HH5’s Digital Radio: (Accesses the worlds Internet Stations, Ipod Dock, Digital Radio, wirelessly streams music from my Laptop…

3. Electronic help for the shy…

CraigsList – the hugely, massively successful online classifieds website – has one very, very popular ‘list’ and that’s ‘missed connections’…  due to the inebriated poets for one things:

To Jennifer the Chinese Girl Who Drank and Passed Out
Jennifer the Chinese girl
who passed out.
You met me
the tall european guy
and I invited you for a drink.

I bought the half pitcher of sangria
You downed those three drinks
and I told you
you were drinking too fast
and to sip them

O.M.G. you passed out in the bathroom
and the owners called an ambulance
I feel so bad …
I never got your number
and I want to know
that you are OK.

And now there are several other ‘shy-meet’ sites popping up…  (meaning shy, flirty glances) Uses a Phone App and GPS on your phone picks up others who’ve had very recent missed opportunities – so they can chat electronically. Guy who set this up chatted to a sexy Australian girl on a flight from Malaysia to Sydney  – BUT she gave him her email – now they are living together. But he thought what if she hadn’t … that missed opportunity. Allows people to communicate via license plate numbers. So you register your car rego and away you go… ‘“For so long, since cars have been around, people have looked to the left or right and wanted to talk to the person they see in another car,” says the founder.

For more inebriated love poems go here

2. Intoxication Sticks…pished without pain

WA|HH Quantum Sensations has been designed by a scientist and …Philipe Starck – and one sprays gives the instant effects of ‘a couple of glasses of wine’. …without the hangover.

Need a 1000 sprays to equal a glass of alcohol….

1. Rufus – the hitmaker…at last… and what a video with HBC…

From Rufus Wainwright’s new album – bloody wonderful. Pure Pop from this guy at last – thanks to Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse etc)

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